Part of being the best I can be professionally means that I need to constantly read and learn from lateral industries as well as business models that don't seem to have any link to my industry (they are likely the industries of my clients as well).

As a lateral industry to my own, +Search Engine Watch has long been a 'must read' to stay up to date. While going through my reading list I found this great article that gives some insight on where digital marketers should be looking to head in 2013. My two strongest takeaways from the article:

In 2012 I think we're looking at closer to seven years for every month!
   -- The author +Kevin Gibbons referring to SEO and is indicating that one month of changes in SEO is equivalent of seven years of 'normal' time. I think it applies to the social web in general. For small business owners trying to do and learn this all on their own, let me just say it is nearly impossible. YOU have an advantage of being quick and nimble, but it can suck all your time and resources and take time away from your core business. My suggestion is even if you are a solopreneur, hire an agency or professional assistance.

Learn From Agile Project Management
 -- I have called this 'evolution marketing' meaning you need to constantly update and change up your tactics - but I tend to like +Kevin Gibbons' term much better.

In a nutshell, 2013 might be when we stop focusing on 'strategy' and work more on quick shifting tactical implementations and a fast cycle of build / implement / measure / reinvent.

What do you think? How will small businesses need to adapt and change going forward to accommodate this crazy lightening fast pace the Internet moves at?
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