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The path less traveled.
The path less traveled.


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Using Slack is highly recommended to control the robot.  Configuring Slack isn't difficult if you are familiar with Slack. Here's the concept:

* Your HomeAware Robot inherits the identity of your Slackbot
* Your Slack Channel represents the location of the robot

Follow these  instructions to configure the Android App:

1. Create a Slack channel named for the location your robot will map
2. Create a slackbot at slack.  
3. Run the HomeAware App on Project Tango
4. Submit "you are located in {channelName}" where {channelName} is the name of the channel you created at Slack
5. Submit "your slackbot api token is {token}" where {token} is the API Token provided by Slack

HomeAware should now connect to the Slack API, take on the name you gave your slackbot and be able to read and write messages to the channel.  

If your HomeAware Robot is moved to a different location you must create a new channel to represent that location.  The Area Description Files are named after the channel.

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Perhaps Hitchbot needs to be more selective about its route.

Where may I purchase the mini-dock individually? 

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Wow. I didn't realize I was in such an exclusive club.  My Nexus got the update last week.  I like the UI changes, but there seems to be a few bugs with wireless connectivity that could be improved.  Overall it's worth the major version number increase.

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The Miwok Loop Dot Race

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Big Trees Trail - I found a new Trail near Novato I didn't know about.   Actually I've never known about this trailhead.  A sign the TrailNetwork is working!

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Just launched a TrailNetwork Google Plus page to share the fun stuff we finding in our preparation to launch.

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The latest post on Google Geo Developers by +Mano Marks, Fab Friday is Catching Up (  has this video, and pointers to the latest updates on the Google Maps API and the Google Maps SDK for iOS. Check it out.
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