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Played this today. Got my butt kicked all over Westeros

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Am about to list a bunch of non-sport trading cards on eBay. (Comics tomorrow)

Big Bang Theory (promo/base/chase/auto)
Lost (promo/base/chase/auto/costume)
Warehouse 13 (base/auto)
Van Helsing (promo/base/chase/auto)
The Guild (base/chase)
Dark Angel (base)
Disney Treasures (promo/base/chase/reel pieces)
Anastasia (base)
Game of Thrones (odd base/chase)
Lots of odd base cards for Dr  Who (BIT/Alien Attax/Alien Armies), Star Wars Force Attax, Torchwood
Odd promo/chase cards for Buffy/Angel/Andromeda/True Blood/Warlords of Mars/Fringe +

Let me know if anything interests you before I list them. No eBay fees is better for both of us :-D

Would also be willing to trade (I have now limited my collection to Buffy, Angel, Charmed, Game of Thrones and The Guild)

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For Amazon Appstore users in the UK, Carcassonne is the free app of the day. It's a great way to learn the rules, plus you get to play on the bus. Usually costs around £5 so grab it now :-D

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It always has and always will look like a Tie Fighter from Star Wars to me. lol isn't a word, or punctuation. I accept its use, but still: every time I see it, I think "pew pew pew!" and hear the Imperial March.


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I don't know watto you mean +Tara Johnson 
The after effects of downsizing brought on by Disney buying Star Wars

#Disney #starwarshumor  
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