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Ah, the feelgood music of our grandparents. Too few of these kind of songs today, originally by Joni Mitchell but I grew up with this version
Roger Whittaker - Both Sides Now [w/lyrics in description]

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World Wonders, a new project from the Google Cultural Institute, lets you take a virtual journey to more than 130 world heritage sites across the globe—like Stonehenge, the Palace and Garden of Versailles, temples of ancient Kyoto or The White City of Tel-Aviv. You can explore each site using Street View, and watch related videos or browse photos and 3D models for more information.

Start exploring the World Wonders Project now: and share your favorite places you’ve visited using the hashtag #worldwonders.

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Not only is it St. George's Day, it's also the 30th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, an 8-bit personal computer released in the U.K. in 1982. Geeks that we are, the doodle team decided to create a doodle to mark both occasions. You can see it below (and on for a few more hours).

The ZX Spectrum used only a 15-color palette, with no more than two colors (or any light/dark hue pairs) in any 8-pixel square, so our 256x192-pixel doodle adheres to those constraints. How do we know for sure? A UX designer working with the doodles team wrote a program to validate that the doodle was complying with the rules. It took a surprising 29 revisions to get it right!

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Hver segir að skák sé ekki spennandi!
I haven't played chess in a while now, but if you know the rules to the game you owe it to yourself to watch this 1994 Smirin vs Anand blitz masterpiece.

No joke, I was getting physically anxious for a while there (you'll understand when you get see it). And I may or may not have fist pumped at the end. Watch and see.

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Ever just wanted to get away from it all?!

This Icelandic home owner seems to have taken ‘getting away from it’ to a whole other level!

(Source -
Ever just wanted to get away from it all? (4 photos)
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(Muppets + Popcorn) = [Sheer Awesomeness!]

I've shared clips of the The Muppets before.

I've shared the Popcorn song before.

Now, thanks to +Michael Andersson, I bring you the perfect combination of the two!

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Genius, using mnemonics to simplify things
Did you know that you can learn to read Korean in just 15 minutes? No, for serious! I made a guide just for you!
Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes (8 photos)
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