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Catalysing change in work and life with support, encouragement & discipline.
Catalysing change in work and life with support, encouragement & discipline.

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Time to invalidate the election results; enough speculation. Paper ballots, if need be. Use the absentee ballot procedure.

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"To everything there is a season..."

Just last Wednesday I delivered a talk to Tangible Ireland's Ambassador Summer School 2016. The subject, as always, was my frustration with hearing "What would you be moving to this feckin country for?"

I was reared and shaped by this era. The first presidential election I recall was Kennedy/Nixon. The worry was that "the Pope would have influence should a "Papist" win.

The real concern was about those upstart Irish-Americans lobbying for social justice. The Kennedys, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan railing against "the Power Elite" and House Speaker Tip O'Neill all supporting the war on poverty and civil rights movements.

The anti-war movement was well influenced by Jesuits Daniel & Philip Berrigan, and we were shaped by Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement.

All were reflecting what can fairly be identified as values born on the island of Ireland and further strengthened in exile.

So, my compatriots - 1/2 the US Democratic Party was listening to and yearning for the kinder, gentler capitalism espoused by Bernie Sanders.

Wake up. We have it here. Now let's fully abandon the nightmare of Celtic Tiger when we lost sight of our values, let our health service and social housing supports be gutted by our own, home grown "power elite".

Let's get back to ourselves.

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"...if there was a family tree, hard work and education would be related but school would probably be a distant cousin."

How do we make education relevant - so young men and women would not justify dropping out with the success stories of their idols? 

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Brilliant call to action!

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“This veneer of propriety has suddenly disappeared.’’

The businesses these immigrants run are vital to the local economy; the seasonal workers in the fields will not likely be replaced by their English neighbours on the dole. To what end have the likes of Farage, Johnson and Trump unleashed this madness?

This amounts to bullying. I am deeply ashamed.

"Gregory Pacho, who is Polish-Italian, runs a thriving taxi company. For the first time in the 16 years he has lived in Boston, he said, he has given serious thought to moving out, prompted by a leaflet on his car’s windshield that read, “Did you pack your bags yet?”"

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Let conversations reflecting the tone, tenor and content of this article - begin. Recovery- economic, social and emotional comes when people with shared interests, needs and resources join forces. Let's start surrounding ourselves with positive, purposeful colleagues and mentors with a track record of having survived and thrived. Thank you, +Ola Agbaimoni  for this thoughtful piece giving voice to the view from "there" - I can't think of a better way to find fellow travelers "here".

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"Dr. Anthony Soares from the Centre for Cross Border Studies added that a Brexit would threaten ongoing peace and reconciliation between north and south."

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This thoughtful article is a "must read".

The +United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reminds us that there are over 50 million refugees world-wide. My guess is - most have inadequate or no toilet facilities.

Get over yourselves America - and focus. THIS ISSUE IS NOT ONE THAT MATTERS!

"The “problem” you’re screaming about is not the problem. The problem is your apathy all these years to the reality that you refuse to see or acknowledge. It’s a lot easier to believe in the boogeyman in the Target bathroom than the real threat that is woven into the very fabric of your Made In the USA security blanket."

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I second the recommendation!
Expat Tip of the Week: Take road trips

Take every opportunity you have to explore more of your host country. You might even decide to stay a bit longer!

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Looking for "ancient Ireland"? Start here...
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