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Lots. I buy lots for a living. I sell them to Misuls and Mahjorettes - and to those who molest children. We keep the real owners from occupying their real lots. We torture children and adults and force them to find your business from different angles. We find you and your employees and we kill you to have you deceased in the last or first spot you appeared, as we occupy your lot. We force children to give birth in front of your corpse. We make people who are related have cest with their family members in front of your corpse. If you come near your lot or try to purchase your lot, we shoot you dead. If your lot is for sale, buy it before we do. If we buy it - we will infiltrate you. Be careful when you join a business or website - we are still on the company lot infiltrating. The FBI is on us but we are on their lot. 

Seeds. He stole illegal drug seeds and planted them. The first time he planted them - he did it alone. He was lidef - a man who walked away from the illegal lifestyles of a fisher. No longer gaurging eyes and packing the finished product - he decided to hang up his fishing rod for a rake. It was therapy - and a way for him to sought out his next business plan. He bought land and hired his team to plant seeds. He said less to his team - they discussed crops, seeds and more land. One of his hirees asked if he was planting fruits or vegetables because he was hungry- a gun went off and a bullet struck the hiree, as he laid there, deceased - a quiet voice said, "Lidef is back". If you die on his land its a sign that his new approach to business is still illegal. 

Dad. He's facing two more livelihoods as my Dad - the game he accepted took him under and pushed us out of his life. The day he became a child molester - we split, as his child, i left. He became a infiltrator - who murdered, stored bodies and sold bodies to a man who filmed porn. He shows up - when he can't breathe. I heard he haven't taken a shower in months - he's living like a stored corpse - if you murdered them and store them for a living - you don't shower. He caused the crime, commits the murders, stores the bodies and rents the corpse to a man who films porn. As he count bodies - we count down, to him leaving our life, as our father. He took our bodies out of the cemetery - his sons, and stored us near his victims. It was my corpse that lead me to his wearhouse. Through a dream i was called to his wearhouse - to pick up a body, burn it and to release the cremains in a solution. My brothers and I took turns picking up each other bodies. If its your corpse you can't look at your own, so together, we took turns picking up each other bodies. If your father want out, walk him out - until he reach the end of his term as your father. You have to do it without disrespect - he's losing, don't lose with him - is all i heard, after a elder walked by and saw the foot of a corpse...

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New meta-analysis has emerged from a document published today by an independent researcher known as The Forensicator, which suggests that files eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona were likely initially downloaded by a person with physical access to a computer possibly connected to the internal DNC network. The individual most likely used a USB drive to copy the information. The groundbreaking new analysis irrevocably destroys the Russian hacking narrative, and calls the actions of Crowdstrike and the DNC into question.

This whole narrative has served it's purpose well, the emphasis had been placed on a fake news story. Virtually no attention is being given to #SethRich or the "hacking" by the #DNC of the primaries. It's time to shut this #falseflag operation down.

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Morgue. As an infiltrator, i spent my time occupying lots that belong to a morgue. My family occupied them illegally and sold them illegally. We've converted some into apartment buildings, libraries and even hospitals. The most celebrated amongst my family was to sell a morgue lot to a politician. When one of ours became occupied by the Democrats we were hired to infiltrate - it was a Morgue, still is a Morgue. It's 2017 and the same infiltration request are coming in - same age request. If you join, we ask you to start at a comfortable age. This game can get ugly if you say yes as a child. We are assigned to track down the politician who has a office inside a Morgue. Some of us setup murders and hack into locations. While the rest sell files and bet on the runners within the race to become, a Senator or President. 

Water. Some of us are born unable to drink water. Earlier within one of your livelihoods - you married a relative ( an arrangement, maybe) and as you two clashed body wise, you depleted - you both depleted. The body reacts differently when you inbreed or fool around with a relative. Your internal organs may shift and a certain chemical may secrete from each organ. As you step away from this bodily intrusion - your diet will change, with every livelihood later. Certain foods and drinks may send you to your demise if you eat or don't eat enough of them. Your spirit guide keeps you alive here, don't hide your thoughts and don't crowd someone elses. They need to get through to you - you need to hear them. There are also energy drinks on the market with your bodily needs inside - when you are called to drink them, please purchase them. There are stages you need to level up to. Some of us are forced to step into the game - if so, keep track of how the game is affecting your body. Your spirit guide is here to guide you - until these stages are documented, keep the lines of communication open. 

Chemicals. I make chips that becomes poisonous after a certain amount of intakes. They are not potato chips - they are made with special ingredients. Takis is our brand - after you've eaten a certain amount (15 bags) you are poisoned. I tried cookies - to make them with our special ingredients and a certain type of juice - but this didn't pan out for our chemical imbalancers. We study - how the intake of the same type of foods can form a chemical imbalance that becomes poisonous, later. 

Abortions. When you are a child, having one, it's called something else. When some Mahjorettes and Misuls return as a child, be careful. If you touch them as a child, you pay dues when you return as a child. You are somehow agreeing to the torture of an abortion as a child. That's if the Misul or Mahjorette gave them as an adult. Their profession underground is how they recruit their returns. If you molest them, you are agreeing to their profession underground - you are better off as a naysayer, someone who quietly walks away from the game.

Cousins. I've been with the same cousins too long. Our union is forbidden and we kept it away from our families. Our time shows up in our livelihoods, when we are poured. Im living out my last livelihood in this family and i might tell my story. My cousin and i are strangers - our stories are ancient. We like to have sex together and think about the innocent bikini line, while we are intimate. It's your lifeline - when you are related, it shows up, when you inbreed. You can rupture the innocent appendix and cause appendicitis - i was taught how to do it. It made us famous, it became our infiltration. We invited a family member to join us and i shared our story. The family member declined and i had to put them in a coma - then sneak up and repeat those sex terms, so they would not remember, me or us. They use to die right away, now medical has change. Its not called sex when you are related, what we do. We fight with our relatives - ancestors who are not here. They show up to warn us - to tell us how our time alone is affecting the children between us, our families in particular. She sees what's happening to me and i see what's happening to him. How incest is affecting us, our body. When he see me, he darts off. When she see me, she stand still. She is in him and i am in her. She was the first person in our family to touch me. I see what's happening to her, now we both are leaving this family. After this we are no longer related. I say sex terms, too many and she hides them in other people because no one knows we are here, still Male and Female. We visit the hospital, coma victims. She hides me and our times together. I am leaving this family before her and i don't understand why. 
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