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Final assignment
The concept of my work for this project was to show
how the fishing industry (particularly reels) has progressed from the early
days to now. In this series of photos you will see how they have evolved from
simple metal frames to lightweight carbon with adju...

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Portrait Photography
In this series I took pictures of my sister with her favorite head wear. She always wears hats and head bands and she chose her 6 Favorites. It was fun playing around with the lighting and trying to get the best angles. 

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Light writing
This is the only one I had that turned out decent. This Picture Pretty cool

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Assignment 2 DOF/Motion
 On this picture I focused on the Bronco side decal and everything else is blury you can see an blury background and a blurry ice sickle hanging from the mirror. I messed with the hues and contrast&sharpness also  This photo has a deep DOF. I messed with th...

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B&W Bench Assignment 1
 This image was My base image for black and white. I de-saturated it and adjusted the contrast and brightness a hair. just enough to give the shadows a little more darkness but not over run.  In this image I upped the contrast ans brightness up a little and...

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Original Bench Photo
I chose this image because of the shadows cast by the taller objects and the strong returns of whites from the bench and the concrete. The contrast of the bricks and the concrete bench caught my eye. 
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