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Think With Google

Great information from Google about different industries and valuable online information. Discover timely insights from data and statistics from Google.


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Google Algorithm Updates
What do they mean for your business?

In the simplest terms...nothing. Yes I know you're saying to yourself "updates mean nothing?"

My feelings are if you are doing what's right on your website (not all SEO's are doing it right), you should not be worried about any updates.

Now for those that see their rankings drop, yes you have some questions to ask your SEO team. FYI...even if you are doing it right your rankings may drop (they will improve) when a Google Algorithm Updates happens. Updates are happening all the time but you may only hear about certain updates when they affect a lot of websites #googlepenguin or #googlepanda . Google is always trying to make things better (better search results) and will change things very quickly (some not as quick as we would like).

My advice to any business owner who has hired an SEO firm to design their website or provide SEO...ask your self if your website represents the following:

What Search Engines like Google look for on your site:

1. Expertise ​– Are you answering the search query that Google’s user entered (people who are searching for your product or service)? This is why #content is still king when it comes to your website. Does Google think your Content is considered "Expert" and are you answering the questions that your customers are asking?

2. Authority ​– Google looks at how long you’ve been around (you can't control this), what people say about you, your community contributions and more. Search Engines look at your #businesscitations , on­-page #schema and even your site’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages to determine authority.

3. Trust ​– Google wants to see your reviews. What do your customers say about you on Google+, Facebook, Yelp and BBB? Even your reviews on your own website play a role in this.

Take control of your web presence and online reputation with reviews that help your website, not another website. All the other online reviews sites own the reviews that you get for your business. Start helping your own website and own your reviews with products like this

Check out Google's Guidelines here It's not the most exciting read, but you will better understand what Google wants from your website.

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Online Business Reviews

Does your business really own them? What to do to make sure you control your #OnlineBusinessReputation .

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Mobile Moments & Your Business

How is your business taking advantage of #MobileMoments ? With 2/3 of what, when, where, how, why and who searches coming from #Mobile your business cannot miss these opportunities. To win, businesses have to be there to meet the consumer in these micro-moments.

To prepare your business for the Shift to Mobile & Create the Experience that your consumers expect when they want to find, do or buy something from you...your Mobile Strategy must be:
· Immediate       
· Relevant to the Consumer       
· Involving little Difficulty to get what they want     

Download the Guide from Google

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How Important is #YouTube to Your Marketing Efforts

Great article from Google about "I Want-to-Do Moments"

If your business isn't concentrating on the I-Want-To...Moments you are missing out and YouTube for the Millennial Generation can be a great opportunity to reach them...

Also check out this blog article on YouTube:

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The 2015 Shopping Season

Is your business ready to give your current & potential new customers (searching) what they are looking for #mobilefriendly to capitalize on new sales?

Everyone is using their mobile phone or tablet researching and purchasing online than ever before.

2014 Statistics:
· 78% used the Internet for holiday searching in 2014
· 40% of holiday shopping occurred online

If your business is not positioned to take advantage of these trends you will fall behind. Give people what they want, when they want it in 2015!

More statistics:  

Check & get your website Mobile Friendly:

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The Google Local Search Shakeup

If your business hasn't already noticed, Google has changed the number of business listings it shows in #SearchResults . More specifically the #LocalGoogleMaps Results.

Currently it is only showing 3 Maps Results on the first page of search results. This means that instead of showing 5 or7 businesses in the pack and on the map, those spots are now only available to 3 businesses.

These results are sometimes called:
· 3 - Pack that use to show 5 or 7 - Pack results 
· Local (Snack) Pack Results 
· Local Map Listing   

Basically it is what the Maps Results look like.

What does this mean for your business?

#1. It's more difficult to show on the first page of Map Results

#2. This includes Mobile Search too (see photos)

With 7 businesses being featured in a 7-pack results prior to this change, that are now completely removed with the 3-pack, all businesses will be seeing a lot more competition for those 3 spots.

Don't be tricked by slick or negative SEO Company (you get a call from Google it's not Google) attempts as a way to compensate for this. Your business will probably gets calls/emails trying to scare you into spending money with them. Don't be fooled.

Here is what we would suggest:

#1. Go in and Claim your Google My Business local business page or make sure it is optimized for your area.

#2. Provide Real, Relevant & Fresh information* to customers on your website and on your Google+ Business page.

#3. Get Reviews on your Google+ page if you don't have a system to get them on your website.

Yelp, Angie's List or any other Review site is nice but YOUR BUSINESS DOESN'T OWN THESE REVIEWS. These sites can do what they want with the reviews your business gets (not respond to your request, make you pay more for them, etc).

This is very important to understand and you don't get much, if any, benefit in SEO from anything outside your website and Google.

This is a huge shakeup for local.

Is your business ready?
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How Consumers Turn to Mobile Phones with Intent

Customers are expecting YOUR BUSINESS to deliver immediate answers. These are the "I want to..." Moments every business needs to focus on:
· I want to KNOW, GO, DO & BUY Moments that decisions are made and preferences are shaped. In many countries, including the U.S., more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers:

· 65% of smartphone users turn to lookup something while watching TV
· 82% of smartphone users lookup a local business 
· 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas while completing a task 
· 82% of smartphone users consult their phone while in a store deciding to buy

Is your business taking advantage of the #MobileMoments that are available?

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Why Encouraging & Responding to Online Business Reviews is so Important for Your Small & Medium Sized Business

User reviews help build your business’ visibility & improve your local search results. Google is looking for "real & relevant" information about your business - most of the time reviews are real and they are very relevant for the person searching.

I understand that your competition is going to try and give you a bad review. On Google, they have to create a new account every time that they want to attempt this (no one has the time to do this anymore). So there are no anonymous reviews on Google in theory.  People have found ways around it but Google usually fixes this if you point it out to them.

Google is pretty smart. They probably know when someone is doing this and this gives you an opportunity for them to investigate this if you believe it's true. So you can't use that argument.

#1 Way to Encourage Reviews

Yes it sound simple but I'm so surprised by how many business owners I talk to that say "I can't get reviews." I ask them "do you ask for them?" The answer is usually "no". If you have satisfied customers just ask them for a review. Most people with oblige.

Encourage your customers to leave ratings and reviews. This is proactive and something that you control. You cannot control the people that actively go out and review you but my guess is you can gain a lot of knowledge about how your service/product is performing.

• Send an email

• Put out a flyer at checkout

• Create a short-URL & brand it so that people will have an easy time typing into their phone or computer (example:

• Do you have a call-out on your website?

The more positive, authentic reviews your business receives, the better your business will appear in search. The is real, relevant and authentic up-to-date information about your business. The search engines notice this!!!

Have you seen the STAR Ratings on Google or any other local review site?

• Once you receive 5 Reviews on Google your business will have a Star Rating that shows up in Search.

• It's powerful especially if the competition isn't getting them (see photos).

Have you ever seen a listing of search results and noticed the business with Stars next to their name?

If you don't think online reviews are important for your business, you are just losing ground to your competition. Start asking for them and you will see improved search results!

Good Luck!
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Do You Know How Your Business Shows Up on Google?

Google gives your business great tools that help you understand how they see your business in search. #GoogleMaps #GYBO #GoogleSearch #GoogleMyBusiness  

Go to

Choose Check My Business Information

Fill in your Business Name and City and it will show your listing.

If you get the message "Your Business Isn't On The Map" don't worry. Getting your business on Maps is FREE and easy to do! Choose GET STARTED!

It will tell you how many business page listings that your business has online with Google. If there is more than one listing, contact Google

• Request a Call
• Chat
• Email

They will also give you tips on how to improve your listing.

Your business might get phone calls from other companies telling you "your business listing is not claimed with Google". They say this to everyone even if you have it verified. THIS IS NOT GOOGLE!

Unless you click that support link and fill out your information, I highly doubt Google will call you, and they will never call you saying "your business listing is not claimed".

Good Luck! If you have any questions feel free to contact +The Google SEO Help Doc we are here to help!
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