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What I Got For My Birthday
Hey guys, so it was my birthday last week, and I turned 20!! I thought that I'd do a little post on what I got, because I know I love reading these posts; maybe it's just because I'm really nosy though! I just want to say that I'm not bragging, and I am so ...

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I Went Shopping!
I've done it again, I went shopping! it has been a while since I bought anything much, but I finally went out and treated myself after I handed in my assignment; and Liffey Valley is on the way home, so it had to happen!  I only picked up a few little thing...

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My Current Wishlist!
Hey y'all, so now that we're suddenly thrown into 2015, there are soo many things I want to go out and buy! I always find that when it gets cold out, I want to pack away all the pretty clothes, and turn to anything warm and comfy I can find in the back of m...

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#ThisIsChristmas Day 2
Hey y'all, I'm back again for day 2 of #ThisIsChristmas ( Here's day 1 ) Today is our 'Favourite Christmassy lips and nails colour combination'!  I'm quite excited for this, because I've really gotten into lipsticks and nail polishes this year, and my colle...

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#ThisIsChristmas Day 1
Hey guys, I decide to do a blogging challenge for the month of December; it was created by Áine ( ), and is super cute! So, have day one of the #ThisIsChristmas tag, challenge, thing.  Day 1 is the 'Things That Remind You Of Christmas' post! ...

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The TMI Tag
So I feel like it's time I let y'all know a little bit more about me, and I suppose the only way to do that is by doing a TMI tag!  Now there's quite a few different TMI tags, so I've picked a few from everywhere, and away we gooo...  What are you wearing? ...

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I Bought Everything! (Haul Post)
I've been on a few trips to Boots in Liffey Valley over the last week - just to look obviously! But, of course I couldn't resist the deals they had, and left with half the shop, as per usual! Here's all the little bits I picked up; some of these are things ...

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Haul Of My Faves
Wait a second, what is this? Two clothes hauls in a row? Wow Emma, you must never leave the shops right? Oh, how I wish that was true!  These first two, are some absolute beauties; yes, they are the same piece of clothing in two different colours, and I am ...

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Also... here's another haul post! I've been super bad at sharing them lately sorry!  Hopefully Penneys/Primark still has some of these cute bits in! <3

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Here's a haul I did a little while back, but I completely forgot to share it here! I hope some of ye find it a lil' interesting! :) 
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