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Let's just go with "Jack of all trades"...
Let's just go with "Jack of all trades"...

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So yeah, this is happening...

E.T. Phone Home...errr... phone earth rather!

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You know what?  I think they got it right!  Sure there are ton's of other great games out there over the years, but for the top 6 -- this is hard to argue considering their impact and relevance to gaming.   7 - 10 though... man the options.

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So I finally got a chance to do a little more work on the "Panfisher".  

No cutting yet, but I did move the plans from a scratch design on paper to a proportional set ready to cut and use.  

My original plan of using an ellipse shaped deck did not work out though.  I tried a couple different methods (including the string method) but the numbers were so tight that I didn't get the uniformity that I wanted with the tools I had.  So I elected to go with a more angular deck to shed water.  It should work fine and still gives me the rise I wanted both from the centerline and from bow to stern.

The rise on the deck will come from a 1inch support (at the wheelhouse) and down to almost 1/2 inch on the bow and stern.  It seems like overkill to have so much wood on the deck support; but, remember the goal is to mount a rod and reel on the front of the boat going up over the wheelhouse and extending over the stern.  I decided to go with a bulkier deck to help support the loads that may cause.

I've also decided to NOT use a removable deck, rather I am going to put the deck on hinges and have it open from the center.  I am going to use stretched rubber bands to  pull the hatch down to keep it tightly closed.  At least that's the plan today, lol.

I have a ton of more important projects going on right now, so the boat build is a back burner, but I hope to keep playing with it when I can on Sundays.  Well see...
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So, I've started on a new project.  No big surprise there as I'm always getting into something, lol.  This, however, is a little different than norm.  I have decided to scratch build an RC boat, with the goal of catching a fish via the boat. 

Now when I say scratch build, I mean 100% scratch.  No prefab plans, no buying balsa at the hobby shop, no kit's.  My goal is to cut my wood from some oak stock I have, and the plans are all off the top of my head.  I am, of course, going to be buying the electronics, lol.

In fact, I've already got my Tx and Rx.  A Turnigy 9x V2 mode 1 That I've already modded into a mode 2 and a Turnigy 8C V2 Rx.  Since I'm using an "air" radio, I may buy the springs to self center both sticks and use pots or trim to "troll" if / as needed.

I'm still debating on where to log the build, probably at, but I'm not sure.  What I can say, is that I started with the plan of using expanding foam to make a pontoon boat, and that quickly failed and now I'm going to stick build a 24" x 14" catamaran / tunnel hull.  Let's just say that WD-40 and Expanding foam, do not mix, lol.  You can see in the pics that the expanding foam - SHRANK!  I need to take another pic of the final shrinkage, as it ended up at about 1/2 as much as when I sprayed it. 

Anywho, I'm drawing out the last of the plans now, and hope to start cutting soon.  If thing's go well, I plan to maiden sometime this spring.

Since I have the S5 and it's waterproof, I hope to have some "on the water" footage once I get some basic testing done.  I plan to build out at a couple different levels.  First being a "working" model, then once I get the bugs out I plan to upgrade and incorporate a controlled reel where I can reel in and out line vs just drag it along behind.  But, there's no point in doing that until I get the basic design working correctly.  And no, I'm not trying for Moby Dick.  The boats name will be the "Panfisher" and the goal is to catch pan fish, not 30lb cats or carp etc.

But, If my calculations are correct, I should have OVER 30 lbs buoyancy so even if I do hook into something decent, it should not be easy to pull my boat under :D.  I'm looking to start with a 3700kv 600w ADS400L water-Cooled brushless outrunner for power.  I'll probably start with twin 7.4's for juice, then once I get the bugs out, move to 11.1's in series as well for my power. 

ESC, I'm looking at a 40Amp reversible fan cooled car model since they are tons cheaper.  I will just have to work on keeping it dry.  I think I'll be running 3/16 flex to a 3 blade 30-40 mm prop. (not sure which yet, may even go plastic since this isn't a speedster).  As for the rudder and strut, I'm still looking at options, but I suspect I'll be using an 80-110mm rudder inline w/ the prop.  I think keeping it inline will be a bonus in the event I'm fighting a larger fish.  Even if I'm not gaining ground, if I'm behind the prop I should still be able to position the boat some just from the thrust. 

Still a long ways to go, but you have to start somewhere!
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Undead hit's Batman back with this review! I just played Arkham Asylum, and was surprised to read his take on the newest installment...

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A new quick review has been posted at, check out the review on Golf Star. 

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This sounds like an epic game to play, check out Undead's review!

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A good look into the next evolution of racing!
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