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Dane DeValcourt
Father, Network Engineer, Ham Radio (W5DLD), Paleo, Runner, Geek
Father, Network Engineer, Ham Radio (W5DLD), Paleo, Runner, Geek

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Just an FYI.. anyone dealing with audio static / hiss may want to grab an audio ground loop isolator. Just put inline to speakers.

Any tips on troubleshooting shairport (AirPlay)?

It was working for me initially but not anymore.

It still shows up for me to select and to stream to but I don't hear any audio and no lights.

I reverted to the playlist and everything works fine. So it wouldn't appear to be hardware. And yes I've rebooted multiple times just in case.

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Well it works. I'm happy with my first attempt. Thanks for all the help!

Dumb question, sitting in mall waiting on wife and can't seem to be able to search in here on phone, anyway umm... how do adjust / increase volume out ?

Is that done at a Linux level ? Need to figure out the command line way to adjust.

So lightshow comes with some microweb service but that's not the same as this webui I've seen mentioned that is much more detailed huh?

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WebUI and AirPlay works! Happy! Now to just get the darn web server to run on reboot.

Also, are there multiple webUI that have been built for this? The micro web that comes with seems way different from some screen shots I've seen with much more functionality?


Can you only have one mode enabled? Can't have mode playlist and mode stream-in enabled can you?

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Fired things up for the first time and ran through the test. So far so good! No sparks and no smoke. Tomorrow I hook up lights to each outlet and test again. Then on to music and more fun.

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I think I understand the GPIO connections based on what I've read and comparing things but I'm confused about handling relay 8? Based on this info and what I think I read in the defaults.cfg I believe the following is true but I need a confirmation that I am understanding things correctly please.


On the Pi are you able to use any of the GPIO pins to connect back to the relay as long as you keep track which goes to what and then somehow adjust some mapping of things in the software? Or is there a standard one typically sticks to that is already setup?

And the relay seems to have two grounds. One next to the JD-VCC/VCC which I was told we connect that ground to the USB ground (powering that separately with a USB adapter).

But there is also a ground with the pins that connect to the GPIO. Does that ground connect to any available ground on the GPIO?
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