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+Wei-Ni Chong :) Glad you liked it
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Adarsh Thampy

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Added the rel=author tag to my blog. Tested with Google rich snippet testing tool and it works. It's pretty easy. All you have to do is link to your Google plus profile using a rel=author tag and also make sure you link back to your blog from your Google plus page. (I hope Google does not ban me for reciprocal linking though :) )
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Adarsh Thampy

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Great post on content marketing
Content marketing may be all the rage in the digital marketing and social media circles, but providing valuable content to audiences is nothing new.
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Adarsh Thampy

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+Brankica Underwood Hi Brankica, one question for you. In your review of +James Hussey book, Duct Tape SEO, you mention "The main goal of the book though isn’t just to teach you SEO, it is to teach you how to do it if you can’t afford Market Samurai as a keyword research tool, for example."

However, the keyword research module in Market Samurai is forever free (I own a paid full version though which gives full access to all other modules) and I don't really understand the logic behind not being able to afford a Free tool while having to pay for a 47$ ebook.

The copy is too cheesy and some of the facts given on the page makes me laugh. I assume the copy was written by a copywriter with not enough knowledge in SEO. Statements like “You can get instant traffic with SEO, it depends on the quality of your links, which these link-spamming software peddlers can’t deliver.” and "SEO is passive marketing that pays future dividends." is simply just wrong unless you are targeting some really low competition keywords.

I dint read the book, so I really cannot say whether the book follows the same so called "proven strategies". it's sad that Brankica, a person like you, would promote a sales page which looks really like a "get rich quick scheme" or "SEO is super easy" or "What others tell is plain wrong and I am the only guru in SEO"
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I'd suggest buying the book and if you don't like it, I've no trouble refunding. That's not a sales ploy, it's just the best way to find out.

The book is not focused on a "type" of site (authority vs. micro-niche, affiliate vs. informational, etc.), the SEO principles are timeless.

The funny thing was that I released the book before Google's quality rater's handbook came out - and all that did was vindicate my research (which my rankings already did just fine for me).

I understand the vantage point of someone who is into technical SEO, looking askance at someone whom they've never met and only wish to prove that SEO is either harder than it needs to be or more technical than copy writers make it sound: but the book speaks for itself.

Until you read it, your opinion on the sales page really is irrelevant to the content of the book. But again: no skin off my back (and the book sells well, thanks for the "good luck" for what it's worth).

Cheers to you and good day. I'm off to bed to watch some bad TV with my wife. :D

(Breaking Bad to be precise.)
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Adarsh Thampy

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If you are seriously looking forward to generating traffic to your blog +Ana Hoffman is the person you should be following. Great blog you have got there Ana.
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Wow, +Adarsh Thampy - much appreciated!
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