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Sean Archer
"This time it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything."
"This time it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything."
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The Double Agent, looping live in Ganz Hall for an audience of one tiny desk. #TinyDeskContest2017

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Here's another piece I did at my artist residency last week. It's acrylic and watercolor on paper, foamcore, and wood. A bit of retro Iron Man floating Above It All.

#art #acrylic #watercolor #multimedia #teamironman #IronMan #calm #peace #clouds

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Long Time No Post!

So, I don't think I #ragequit or anything. I just kinda stopped G+ for a while. So, if you're still around, catch me up on stuff. I'm going to post a few things I've been working on lately. This last week, I had an artist residency at Fulton Market Kitchen, a Chicago restaurant/bar that is super friendly to artists. They set me up in their lounge space, and I worked there every night from 5-11. They fed me, and bought my materials for me, and gave me drinks and desserts, as well as a lot of love from their servers and hosts. It was seriously a blast. And I walked out with some really cool art to sell. This piece is almost done. Just a few touches to add to it. And I'll be selling it for $1,200.00 if you're interested. It's kinda huge. It's approximately 4'x5', and I'm very happy with how it turned out. Based on the Hindu Goddess Durga, and a meditator. Acrylic on multilayered foamcore. PM me if you're interested in this piece. #art   #acrylic   #foamcore   #meditation   #yoga   #multimedia #Durga   #FMK5x5  
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What do you do when you've pruned ALL the things?
You make a nativity scene. That's what. 
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This article should have been titled, "Phil Collins No Longer Su-Su-Suicidal."

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The kid and I did some ghosties for our window. 

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Pretty hilarious, and makes me want to try one. Not buy one, necessarily, but try? Definitely.
Tesla Model S P85D | Fully Charged
'I hate fairground rides.' says an old man who had just experienced rapid acceleration in a powerful electric car.
There's also rather a lot of beeep-ing due to a loss of control of what my American friends describe as my 'potty mouth.'
This car is nothing short of painfully spectacular, a moment's reflection on how far the electric car has come in the last 10 years.
From G-Whiz to Jee.....zuss! That's too fast! I can't breathe!

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Looking for a meditation assist? Try this. You can change the frequency in the top left hand corner to coincide with your breath. Then tune-in, and focus, and let it all fall away. #meditation  

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The second verse of the unplugged version takes a good song and makes it unforgettable. You go back and listen to the studio version and it just doesn't cut it anymore.
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