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The official Python 3.3.0 release is out! Congrats to Georg and the team. This is the best Python release ever. Download here:
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Will begin learning Python on Oct 1st. Wish me luck. I hope to become educated in the use of this awesome tool. I thank you in advance for your services.
I still use 2.7+ and can't wait for popular frameworks to finally migrate to 3+.
Think it is time to switch up and chance my Event Framework.
Get on the ringer w/ Ubuntu, ship it in 12.10! HURRY.
Still waiting for matplotlib to run on Python3 for OSX.  Then I will be excited to give Python3 a try.
Is it actually useful yet?
Can someone please educate me as regards this python stuff. What is it used for?
Please! Please, everybody, do your best to promote this release and let all the incompatible legacy code rest in peace!
For those on this post who are lost Python is a computer programming tool. If you want to learn how to program with Python check out MIT's open courseware Intro To Programming, it's free. 
Cheers for finally killing the UCS-2 build and ensuring that ALL Unicode characters are properly supported!
Really glad to know, +Matt Giuca. Lack of full seamless Unicode support was the chief factor to stop me from taking Python in account as an option for my projects. Remaining problems are poor (as far as I've heard) parallelisation support and too humble number of 3.x-compatible libraries. I hope these will be fixed soon.
I am very curious about the people following Guido's stream that don't know about python. Why are they following?
+Ivan Mashchenko Libraries are getting there, I think. I see a lot of them dual-supporting 2 and 3. Parallelization has and always will be bad as long as the GIL is still around. Many smart people have tried several projects to remove it, with varying degrees of success. The most promising might be PyPy. But I don't think you can count on parallel Python for many years, unfortunately.
I want to learn more about python too. thanks
I don't really know too much about Python, +Chris Stehlik, because in my opinion a language without good Unicode support and stuck in legacy (2.x still being much more actively supported than 3.x) isn't worth looking at at all. But now, according to +Matt Giuca, the Unicode issue is solved and libraries are getting in for 3.x (though Django porting is not even started, just being planned), so I am going to study Python finally.
+Mike Hadmack, The 1.2rc2 is out for matplotlib and it does work for py3k on a Mac
ma jun
The best python ever! Now with an extra row of icons.
good news for you...........
Its good coming from oaktizzy
Why 3.x and 2.x is different things?
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