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Today's my last day at Google. In January I start a new job at Dropbox: We're parting as the best of friends (check out my previous G+ post).
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Does that mean you will work on python for andriod?:-)
Hope you do well at dropbox.
Interesting article.  That explains why Dropbox can run everywhere.  I love Dropbox the best of all the shared storage services, and running everywhere is a big part of that love.
Wow, I'm sorry to hear you're leaving! Best of luck in the new position.
Congratulations and best of luck.  
Python is very elegant and highly practical. Thanks a lot and best of luck. 
Interesting choice, I look forward to hearing what you'll be up to there! :-D
Good luck and thanks for all the cheese. All the best at drop box.
Its great to see the BDFL for python to join another company at the forefront of using python
Congratulations on the move and enjoy your time off.
Good luck on the new job! And my thanks for Python; I use it nearly daily at work and at home.
Hmm, drop Google for DropBox, interesting choice ;). Good luck!
Oh neat... It's sort of a Welcome back situation too right?
Success on your new job!...and yes, many thanks for Python!
WHAT?!?! That company is known more for its hookers and blow than for its technical acumen. 
Let speculations on Python's future at Google start!
All the best. and Bravo to Dropbox! attracting such talent from google :) amazing 
We will miss you. Proactive innovators are few and far between. Good luck
I got rid of Dropbox (should I now say Spybox) the minute they made a deal with Facebook.
+Garrett Graham I've never used it specifically because of this part of their service: "Like most online services, we have a small number of employees who must be able to access user data for the reasons stated in our privacy policy (e.g., when legally required to do so)"

Which means that, if they need to (read want to), they can easily access your files and information any time.  They don't have to tell you they did it either.  

Thus why I use SpiderOak when I actually use a web based file service.
Congrats!! I love both Dropbox and Drive. 
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Thanks to all the days you've dedicated to Google!
Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe uitdaging Guido
you'll be missed. thanks for the code reviews :)
I am a humble 76 year old street level END USER of the creation for my smart phone from the TALENTED PEOPLE ALL OF YOU ARE and I THANK ALL OF YOU! BLESSINGS - from a father, grandfather, grandfather the great who because of all of you I see, talk, exchange pictures and am a daily figure in family life with those living 200+ miles from me. Thank you .
Does that mean there will be Python based DropBox OS in the future?? JK
Before you leave Google..... make sure they send me an "Ingress" beta code.... and when you join Dropbox.... secretly expand my storage limits to 100 GB.

Joking on both counts, of course. Geeks everywhere have benefited greatly for years as a result of your hard work. Good luck in your new pursuits, may they lead to nothing but good things. Just carry on, keep doing what you're doing.
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But, but, Drive is better? This is like leaving Ferrari for Skoda...
Sad to hear you're leaving the GooglePlex but wish you all the luck with Dropbox!
I've watched you change jobs a good number of times.  This is the second time it looks right from my POV.  Enjoy it!
Good luck Mr. van Rossum, all the best on your new venture.
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+Michael Fincham Kudos for advertising your own stupidity! :)
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Congratulations +Guido van Rossum.
Python is great. :)
Congratulations Mr Guido Van Rossam for the New job at Dropbox.

Google has developed all of their aspects under your guidance thanks for giving us the great language python and it has really made programming so easy..

Have a bright future ahead...

Selfish question - Any chance (you know wether or not) DropBox will be IPv6 enabled sometime soon? ;)
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