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My apartment room in Zürich is like last Wednesday's XKCD comic ( except without the box of junk...
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Ah, I wish my bedroom looked like this. Really cool
Ah, how I miss Zürich's austerity.
The thing I like best about that xkcd is that he has exactly the important items unpacked.
Ikea is like python - such penetration that you will unexpectedly find it in unusial places...
Nice loft, what part of Zurich?
How long will you be staying in Zurich?
That's a beautifully simple lifestyle at home setup.  I kind of admire that.
I love your commitment to a "less is more" lifestyle. I tried to de-clutter via moving, but it didn't stick. 
the principle KISS is best
i spent 4 months in that room a couple of years ago.  loved it...except for the stairs.
Furniture and other stuff is very expensive in Zurich. Ikea minimalism is often the only reasonable answer...
...and not a single py logo!! Tsk tsk tsk :-)
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