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My son and I are enjoying Minecraft on our iPad. One time I loved the experience of coming "home" in the dark to our cave, which had lots of flaming torches around the entrance...
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Great dads play Minecraft with their sons, regardless what system they play it on.
My daughter is a Minecrafter too. She's always giving me tours of her homes, with various switches and lighting effects. I encourage her creativity.
Hey, my two daughters can proll'y build better Redstone rollercoasters then some of your sons. :-)
I have an almost 3 year old that loves to watch me play Minecraft. He tells me where to go, when to run, what to look at, etc. He will make a good Minecraft player once he's got the mouse and keyboard down better.
Minecraft :)

Son and me are a great team in EvE, WoT, Diablo3, etc. Via net while I travel and side by side when I'm home.
Minecraft has been the best money I've ever spent on my daughter.  
+Jason Parks encouraging self-development and self-motivation of technical skills in young children and particularly girls is always admirable, beyond which, if they choose it, the tech industry and even general engineering/architecture fields could all really benefit from a lot more gender normalization.
For those of you who play Minecraft on PC, you might look into the Techinic Pack mod, it's free and opens up unheard of possibilities within the game.
My 6 year old is obsessed with Minecraft, I can't blame him. :) +Guido van Rossum , if you don't already have it, the PC version is a much deeper game, highly recommended.
I got so addicted to it that I had to delete it :(
My 10 yr old is the man in school as he runs his own server. He had this BOFH twinkle in his eyes when he showed me the cobblestone cell where he teleported his friends whose attitude needed adjustment. He told me not to worry: it's more of a mild form of hazing; everyone has spent some time in jail. 
+James S. Kim Where you been? :-) Suggest Googling it. Pretty sure you'll get a few hits.
+Kevin Smith Thank you letting me know how to know minercraft. I wanted to find the Interent but I missed to ask it. However, it is very happy to meet you who is very kindly indicate the good way to find the meaning of it.
So Minecraft is really that famous. I used to bully my cousins and sister playing this thing like a jurassic-aged The Sims. Now I would try that.
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