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Do not send me email like this:

Hi Guido,
I came across your resume in a Google web search. You seem to have an awesome expertise on Python. I would be glad if you can reply my email and let me know your interest and availability.
Our client immediately needs a PYTHON Developers at its location in *, NJ. Below are the job details. If interested and available, kindly fwd me your updated resume along with the expected rate and the availability.


I might reply like this:

I'm not interested and not available.
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I laughed a lot at this "You seem to have an awesome expertise on Python"
Yeah, the impersonal "you seem to know Python" just really irk me. I've actually called a company out on it publicly on G+ for hiring headhunters who are too lazy to write a message tailored to me.
Just tell them: "I'm not interested, and you couldn't afford me if I were."

— How many years of experience do you have with Python?

(this is an old joke about dhh and rails actually)
So Do
Go for an interview, should have more fun...
schedule a telephone interview, or hangout/skype video conference. could be hilarious ;)
Don't sell yourself short, Guido. I bet if you applied yourself and studied up a little bit you might be qualified.
Ed Leafe
I get those emails too, but it's much funnier when they send them to you.
I am surprised that you even  "might reply" !  :)
candidate MUST HAVE min. of 3 years professionell experience with Deferreds.
That's about the most charitable response you could give them.
You're too kind and generous, Guido. You should be much much crueller to these people. Like, y'know, keep going until you get a phone interview, and then see what the interviewer says when he finds out that he's talking to the BDFL.
I recently got: we checked your profile in LinkedIn with the requirements of our customer and they match perfectly...
Well, I do not publish any abilities on that page...
How about "Hi Guido, bla-bla-bla Italy bla-bla-bla Rome bla-bla-bla Tuscany"? ;-)
"Fine, then, how's your experience in Perl?"

/ducks and runs for his little penguin life./
It's especially nice when they say they got your resume from a source where your resume isn't.
Oh help me master, i cannot understand the python
Lovely robots. That looks very similar to a number of emails I've gotten as well. Now I'm kinda chuffed that I'm getting the same spam as the BDFL. :)
I ALWAYS reply to those emails with my rate @ 410k/y or $200/h for contracts.
Sam Bao
If those lazy basterd took 5 sec to google his name.... Lazy headhunters
You get text in the email? I get all the lazy job postings, as PDF attachment, and they misspelled every other word. "Nede senior Pyhton programmer 0 - 5 yars."
why not? sounds like a good opportunity. ; )
Hehe I might have given them your name...
its like, hey, god, how many years do you ruled the human world ...
I was soo disappointed with this answer .. Do you offer a job so he can escape from dropbox... ;-)
would be interesting if the developer locations is in redmond...
I'm laughing out loud. It could have been even funnier if you asked back whether the position is for Python 3 or 2.7...
Could have replied, "Python, never heard of it."
LoL... hahahaha... you a python creator got such email... hahahaha... :D
From the producers of

"Hi Linus,

I came across your resume in a Google web search. You seem to have an awesome expertise on Linux..."
Although yes, the email could have been written better, at least describing the project. But hey, no hard feelings, not available, then 2-3k euros for a 5 day project will go to someone else. 
Pretend that you're interested and send them a resume. Much funnier.