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I came in this morning to a redecorated desk and office...
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Good luck. And thanks for all your contributions to Python and software development in general. I work for a competitor.
So google's moving everything to Go?

Time to visit dropbox's hiring page...
I'm excited to see what Dropbox is offering for you that pulled you away from Google.
Gotta love the Ariel balloon.  Google is so weird.
Congrats on your new job!
Congrats Guido, thanks for your work at google, it's made my life better
Congrats. Dropbox will be an exciting change I'm sure!
Good Luck!  You will always be Googler to me!
Esperando con ansiedad las cosas nuevas y mejoras que le dara usted a Dropbox. Mucha pero muy  buena suerte.
Dus het zag er niet altijd zo gezellig uit...? Of is dit vast voor je opvolger?
Google will miss you! Do great work at Dropbox! 
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