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Vegetarians use more water
The Los Angeles Times has the best tool that I've yet seen for understanding the amount of water used in agriculture.  It lets you put together various proteins, starches, vegetables, and drinks to make a typical dinner, and shows you how much water it take...

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STS-93: Yikes! We don't need any more of these.
I just found Wayne Hale's blog .  Be careful reading this thing, I just lost nearly an entire night of sleep.  The latest update, which covers the launch of STS-93 , is just breathtaking. Here's a video which documents the folks at mission control scramblin...

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Quick trip to the Sierras
On Friday I took a quick trip to the Sierras to grab some Ponderosa pine forest images with a drone.  Initially, the logging road was just gorgeous. Then I got to some bits that were less than gorgeous.  These roads don't see much use (I saw one other coupl...

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Early Days on Street View
A friend was asking about the early Street View timeline, which prompted a trip down memory lane.  It's been at least five years for most of this stuff, so if anyone has corrections I'm more than happy to apply them. In 1978, DARPA funded MIT to produce the...

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Happy Birthday to me
It's 5:13pm, and I'm sitting in the shade in my back yard, tweaking some really neat flexure mounts, while keeping an eye on two of my kids and two of their friends frolicking in the pool I built years ago. It's hot out, and there is steady traffic between...

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Window 8.1 is unusable on a desktop
For the last two years I've been doing a lot of SolidWorks Simulation on my Lenovo W520 laptop.  This thing has been great.  But I've started doing fluid flow simulations, and it's time for more CPU than a 3.3 GHz (limited by heat load) dual core Sandy Brid...

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Sensors, Survey and Surveillance from Space
The SkyBox satellites are the first to use area array rather than pushbroom sensors for survey work, but they certainly aren't the first to use area array sensors.  I think the first satellites to do that were the KH-11 surveillance satellites, versions of ...

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The Skybox camera
Christmas (and Christmas shopping) is upon us, and I have a big review coming up, but I just can't help myself... SkySat-1, from a local startup Skybox Imaging, was launched on November 21 on a Russian Dnepr rocket, along with 31 other microsatellites and a...

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Hyperloop Traffic
This is a huge post, about a subject that may not be terribly interesting. I suspect most of you will want to skim all but the first section, and come back later when I refer to this post from later posts.  The big picture I have looked at the California H...
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