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Gary Arndt originally shared:
Today's photo is of colorful buildings in Sighisoara, Romania

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Watching the live tracking of the falling satellite :)
UARS NASA SATELLITE 3D Tracking @ USTREAM: Its Interesting Science, Space, Weather news ... not this Hollywood stuff.

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I really like this technology of bringing Natural Sun Light in any room during the day! :)
Parans brings the sun inside. Bring the natural light from the sun inside with Parans. Experience the natural flukturation in any room.

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Adam Simmons originally shared:
Trick is trying to make this marketable. Breakthough in fuel aside if you don't have the distribution it's hard to make the sell to the public. My dad who is a satellite engineer believes natural gas is the solution to a realistic mass alternate fuel system for cars but my hope is Hydrogen will catch on for the long term since it is even more renewable than Natural Gas.
A team of researchers has found a way to release hydrogen from chemical form so it can be stored as a stable solid, making it more usable as a fuel cell.

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Paul Spoerry originally shared:
I love that Googlers have a sense of humor

1. Go to Google
2. Search for Google Gravity
3. Press “I’m feeling lucky”
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:)) "Interesting": swim! Well, we know it is a software which has its "limitations" oooor a "limited" capability. ;) How about the local bus site saying: walk 2.5km to the airport? ;)

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MILOS JANATA originally shared:
Oh my... unbelievable. part with dolphins is just awesome.
Thanks +Zsolt Terék and +Gary Munroe for find and share.

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Hihi... am ris :))

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Dean Praetorius originally shared:
Took this from the roof tonight with +Michele Tymann. It's like seeing a ghost over Downtown New York. Erie but beautiful.


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Pawel Tomaszewicz originally shared:
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