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ComSec / Penetration Tester, GLB Act HIPAA HITECH Right to Financial Privacy Act SOX & PCI Compliance Auditor, IT, Business Process Consultant, Data Center, Application Testing, DBA, SEO, Web, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, PHP, Python and PERL Developer.
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Single; Full-Time & Full-Custody; Father of 2 Exceptionally Wonderful Daughters on my own since they were 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 (Ages 8 and 10 as of 2015) -- Could not be prouder of this over everything else in my life.
  • Full Sail University
    Film/Video Production, 3D Animation, Audio Engineering, Videography, Game Development Industry Management, etc., 1997 - 1998
    I had a client offer to send me to Full Sail on a free ride from them in return for signing a contract that I would work for them for 4 years after graduation. This school; for people looking to enter the Television, Photography, Filmography, Audio Engineering, Studio, Artist Management, Game Development, and all the other careers they talk about on their website at is 2nd only to programs offered by NYU and a very small number of Ivy (IV) League Schools. A semester there was over $10,000 and that was in late 90s money for a little context but the quality of Staff, Instructors, and especially equipment was bar none. Unfortunately I had to leave prior to graduation although I was able to complete the Audio, Video and 3D Animation portions! My sponsor was no longer able to pay for my ability to attend there and my 1st consulting company was specializing in Cruise Lines, Ship Management Companies and Hotel Management / Automation so between my strong desire to continue with my IT Career, owning my 1st business, the extremely competitive nature of the above mentioned careers that FS offers (and the extreme downtick in both jobs and salaries around this time) coupled with how expensive it was (not to mention I was only 19/20 years old at this point and didn't completely think through the lack of having an actual degree; luckily this is meaning less and less these days but still breaking past the HR Desk is difficult) I decided to leave formal education.
  • Broward Community College
    Computer Science (Major) & Criminal Justice (2nd Major), 1994 - 1997
    Completed AA in CompSci. Left college due to the formation of my 1st consulting company which you can read further details about at and the offer of a sponsored free tuition from a client to Full Sail (above) - You also notice I later served on their Technology Counsel as well as being the Chairman of that group multiple years where we advised not only Broward College but also FAU and FIU in what classes they should add (emerging technologies) what they should drop (uhhh why are you teaching Cobol and Netware 4 - in 2003??? Really? Yeah that needs to go) as well as reviewing/evaluating and modifying the course materials as well as the professors. I did absolutely love being on the Fencing Team though. Best part; hands down. I was honestly bored in the CompSci classes as they were geared towards people who had never touched a mouse before (this was the mid 90s so that was still a possibility) and spent most of my days hacking the AS390/OS390 they had running their and making the professors printer create music (ahhh dot matrix printers were all kinds of fun.) As you can see from my Resume I have more than enough experience now and by the time I was in College I had been running my own Multi-Line BBS (before Internet this is what we had) and while there started my ISP from the time I was 12 years old. I just do wish I had a couple MBAs just to get past some hiring managers that disqualify you immediately if you don't have such a thing. I did go on to receive my Windows 2000 MCSE, OSTMM, RHCE (5.4), CISA and CISSP certifications.
  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
    Advanced Placement High School with a focus on Computers, Foreign Language, & Studio / Videography / 3D Animation / Television Studio, 1990 - 1994
    Was part of WSMD; the school's Television statement. As it was a brand new school that opened their doors my freshman year; they had fairly advanced technology
  • Coral Springs Middle School
    General Studies, 1988 - 1989
    I was extremely bored but excited I no longer had to wear a Uniform. See St. E's post below for why.
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    Private Catholic K - 12 / Religious Studies, 1984 - 1988
    Private School Education at The Top Catholic School in S Florida for that time period. Absolutely amazing the quality of education I received there. When I left this school as we moved to Coral Springs and I attended Coral Springs Middle School the 1988/89 School year - I was at the level of education that would not catch up to me until approximately my Sophomore / Junior Year of AP HS Classes.
  • Tedder Elementary School
    General Elementary / Grammar School, 1980 - 1984
    Unfortunately the area we lived in Pompano Beach was a Southern town when I was in Kindergarten but by the time I was in 4th grade there were government projects around me and violence against me for the color of my skin was often. This is why I was moved to St. E's as the last day of the year became "Cracker Day" where the non-white children would attack the white children (whom at this point there was only about 10% of the total population was white and of that 10% - 90% were bussed in so the school could hit quotas. I will say this though having grown up in the neighborhood where the first few seasons of The Television Show - COPS was originally filmed (I wish I was kidding.) It greatly effected and affected my future life. From my art / music (Finding my Elvis style Funk/Groove and nt my becoming a wannabe Punk-Mother-G-Word Yo) to my seeing the world as my brothers and sisters (Humanitarianism) - this was truly an awesome experience. I don't fear walking through bad neighborhoods as I grew up in one of the worst, I know what it is like to grow up in poverty, I love that I grew up in such a melting pot and I say it is about damned time that this Racism, Bigotry and all other forms of hating people because they are not exactly like you are disappearing. From acceptance of people no matter their Race, Sexual Preference / Identity, where you were born, etc - just beautiful and about damned time!
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March 3, 1976
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Double Helix, Digital Tremors, The Dark Traveler, dHP
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ComSec / Penetration Tester, Development, IT, and Business Process Consultant
    DJ / CJ / LivePA / Artist, 2013 - present
    Live Performance every Sunday at 0000GMT (8:00PM EST Saturday.) In charge of all aspects of having a live Radio show which includes live performances of original and remixed works on
  • Business & IT Consulting - Self
    ComSec / Penetration Tester, Development, IT, and Business Process Consultant, 1995 - present
  • Military Debt Management Agency
    IT Consultant
    Director of Operations
  • Guardian International
    IT Director
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    Consultant & Security Auditor
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    Director of Streaming Media
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  • Silversea Cruises
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  • The Gaming Factory
    Consultant and Security Auditor
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