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Brew day! This is the same as the IIPA that I did not too long ago. That keg is just about kicked and I want more! I only got a 53% efficiency, but loved the end result. So, I adjusted the recipe to hopefully give me the same end result without wasting so much grain.
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Good looking recipe! Not quite boozey enough to be a IIPA. But hey, it's still beer and bet it'll taste awesome!
That's about my base for my standard American IPA's I do, minus the Rye.. sounds good. I've never used all centennial, I bet it tastes awesome. I'd like to see the IIPA recipe!
The original recipe was supposed to be an imperial ipa, but with the poor efficiency I lost the imperial status. Sorry if that was confusing.
*edit I am actually brewing the recipe that's in my original post at the top of the thread.
Thanks for posting. I'm brewing later this week, but not really sure what to do. A Rye IPA sounds like a fantastic idea..
Nope, haven't needed them with the brew in a bag. I did use them when I made a hefe, just to be safe.
The rye may be causing some issues, you may want to consider it next time. Can't hurt imo. it adds no flavor.
+Rob Gorczyca The rye flavor was fantastic, not overwhelming but shined in the malt profile. If you do brew my recipe, (by all means, please do!) let me know what you think of it!
Yup, my brew pot is a half keg 7.75 gallons. Can't go much more than that without boiling over.
So this may be part of your efficiency issues. Your mash volume should be 6.5 and your boil should be similar in your hopville recipe.
I've been keeping with a 1.25 quart of water per pound of grain ratio. So on the brew I'm doing right now, 13 lbs of grain calls for 4 gallons of water for my mash. My fear of using 6.5 gallons of water with 13 lbs of grain is that my pot isn't big enough to hold that total volume.

So far, I've been pretty successful with this method, but I'm always looking for ways to tweak my system to make it better. That IIPA is the only beer that I've had such low efficiency thus far.
So you add water prior to boil though right?
So that needs to be included in your batch size. Click on the recalculus button and then the process tab and use single infusion.
Done. I've actually never messed with that section of hopville.
Now change your batch size to 6.5 and let's see how close you get to 75%
But I'm not actually going to end the boil with 6.5 gallons, just that alone is going to lower it
No I'm talking about your preboil batch size. Your post boil should be something like 5.5
I cloned it and changed it. It shows you hitting about 1.053 og. Post boil volume changes affect your color and bitterness.
Just finished and pitched yeast. Got 1.063 O.G. the estimated was 1.069, a little low but not too bad!
*edit - Post boil volume is about 4.5 gallons. Which is on par with my previous brews. I'm okay with that because my carboys are only 5 gallons anyway.
Time to clean my brew pot then I'll really be finished!
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