[Post likely to be perceived as liberal propaganda, please look away if you are not comfortable with that. Thank you.]

Here's a thought provoking infographic. How many people have been killed in Gun Violence in 31 days since the Newtown massacre?

Political thoughts: Almost one thousand deaths since Newtown. So deeply sad. While many are person on person violence (murders etc.), so many are surprising (12-year old killed learning gun safety, another 12 year old pretended to shoot cousin not realizing gun was loaded, weapon malfunctions, etc.). They are all really sad. We worry about Newtown. We should worry about these one thousand deaths as well.

Infographic thoughts: This is a really powerful way to visualize data. It is not pithy or cute and you'll likely complain "omg I need a big screen to see it" (woe be on you!).  But when you look at it, it will grab you by the throat. The use of black (for adults) and red (for kids) is really well done. The periodic annotations with short stories really tells the author's story effectively. Even the way the dates are used is really clever. 

I'd written down four or five lessons that I could apply to business data visualization, but I'm deleting it from this post because I can't bring myself to. 

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