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Medicare and Medigap Rate Information
Providing basic information to seniors about Medicare Supplement and Medigap
Providing basic information to seniors about Medicare Supplement and Medigap

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Nurses Crucial In Quest To Lower Medicare Costs

This Washington Post article from earlier in the year details why it is crucial for Medicare to change the current healthcare system dynamic. 

Health Quality Partners is a small company paid by Medicare to run a pilot program aimed at decreasing hospitalizations.  This company sends nurses for visits to patients' homes and checks on them several times a month.  It has been a remarkable success, albeit with a small group of patients. 

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Medicare Plans Control Cost, Says Activist

This article argues that Medicare is a viable cost control mechanism for battling otherwise rising healthcare costs. The author, Joe Baker (President of the Medicare Rights Center) contends that rising healthcare costs are the reason for increases in Medicare costs and not the lack of efficiency of the governmental program. 

One particularly interesting point he raises is that some groups suggest prohibiting "first-dollar" coverage in Medicare supplement plans. Enacting such prohibitions would prevent seniors from choosing a comprehensive Medigap plan that covers everything . In such a case, seniors may have to pay a significant portion of their healthcare out-of-pocket before receiving benefits. 

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Medicare Changes Rehab Service Coverage For Disabled and Chronically Ill

This is good news for people who have sustained an injury or have a chronic illness that will not allow them to work. Previously, CMS required patients suffering from a disability to show an ability to improve to qualify for rehab provider services coverage for Medicare. No longer.

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2013 Medicare Advantage Plans in Florida

There are many  *Medicare Advantage plan* choices for Florida Medicare recipients this year.  We have a new piece that discusses many of the companies that offer plans. These include AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and Coventry. 

We also explain the different types of Medicare Advantage plans, including HMO and PPO plans, as well as HMO SNP plans and PFFS plans.

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2013 Medicare Enrollment Opens This Monday October 15

Many seniors will be searching this week for enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans.  The Medicare enrollment period starts October 15, 2012 and ends December 7, 2012. 

Many of the Medicare Advantage plans that seniors utilize are poorly rated. 
This is an excellent time for seniors to revisit their Medicare Advantage plan and make changes if the plan doesn't suit their needs. Senior might also consider using traditional Medicare, or even Medicare with an added Medicare Supplement Plan in place of a poorly rated Medicare Advantage Plan.

We have a lot of information on various Medicare Supplement plans at our website that may help to explain all of the various types of Medicare health plans.

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Video to Help Find Best Medicare Supplement Rates in Florida

We have a quick informational video to help people use the internet to shop for Medicare Supplement rates. Check it out!

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California Medicare Premium Rates A Concern For Retirees

Informative piece that discusses California voters worries about the long term viability of Medicare and the changes that may be necessary to keep the program available to the next generation of seniors. 

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New Jersey Medicare Supplement Rate Comparisons by County

We have begun providing information for NJ residents that are interested in finding rates for Medicare Supplement plans offered in their state.

Rates are still for 2012, we will be providing new information for 2013 when it's released.

Check it out.

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2013 Medicare Part D Plan Premiums Prices Stable

Good news for seniors. The Department for Health and Human Services has announced that next year's plan premium costs for Plan D participants will not increase. Also, the dollar amount that the donut hole starts will be higher next year as well. 

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Medicare Vouchers May Increase Costs Says Former Insurance Executive

This former actuary thinks that supplying vouchers will steer healthier and younger seniors toward private Medicare Advantage style coverage while more expensive, sicker, and poorer seniors will stay in traditional medicare, nullifying any cost benefits for the system.

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