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Shannon VanWagner
Technologist, Tinkerer, Linuxer, GNU+Linux+FOSS supporter. I fix computers and run Revolutions (the Technology kind).
Technologist, Tinkerer, Linuxer, GNU+Linux+FOSS supporter. I fix computers and run Revolutions (the Technology kind).


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Epic video! #Linux #DebConf   +Linus Torvalds  is asked how to get to the "year of the Linux desktop".. He points out some things.. including "Making Binaries for Linux is a Major F** Pain in the A**".. Haha.. I had my speakers turned up pretty loud when I heard that. Very funny. Although I do seem to find most of what I need for my Linux system, with little issue, I definitely see where he's coming from. That's why we need a distro named "Standard Linux".. heh... And it will use the Universal Linux Application Installer way of installing programs. Make it so I can plug in custom source code into one section, select all the icons and theming in another, will work with every distro, will have some epic shite of a website, be sponsored by all the big guns like LinuxFoundation, Debian, RedHat, etc... Mr. Linus, you rocked the world with Linux, then again with Git, not to mention your Diving App. How about that same awesome sauce for a Universal Linux Application Installer? I remember there was some movement around an installer like this, it must not have taken off tho.. cuz I don't know the name and I'm not using it.
cc: +Greg Kroah-Hartman 

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I've been recommending this awesome book 'The Linux Command Line' from +William Shotts for years! Thanks for making it Mr. Shotts! For the GNU+Linuxers out there, if you want to learn a great deal about empowering Linux skills with the shell and the Linux command line, this is the resource for you.
Announcing the release of The Linux Command Line, Fourth Internet Edition.

Hi Everyone,

I have just released a new edition of my popular book. The release contains more refinements and modernizations. It also included some significant changes to Part 4 (Shell Scripting).

It's available now in freely distributable PDF format (It's licensed CC-NC-ND).


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Wow'! Popular Science article on the awesomeness of #Linux! After all these years, installing #GNU + #Linux is still as liberating as ever! Installing Linux doesn't just give you an awesome system for free, but also can provide a completely different perspective on technology and how you can benefit, so much, from getting the most out of it!

So what are you waiting for! Free yourself! Switch to Linux+GNU today!

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Anyone else affected by this bugger in Ubuntu 17.10?

"Ubuntu on my ... boots to a black screen, with a mouse cursor I can control. Ctrl+Alt+F1 allows me to log on tty1 and to run startx, which then allows me to use the GUI."


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I've been using #Ubuntu 17.10 #Linux+#GNU for over a month now.. It's pretty awesome actually. One thing that I didn't like was the grouping of applications when using alt+tab. When the apps are grouped, you have to use the arrows on the kbd to select among the various app windows you have open.. very annoying to me. Anyways, it's an easy fix with gnome-tweak-tool (see, or you can use alt+esc.

Another issue is being able to scale/center/stretch the background.. Maybe I'm just not using the UI right but the only way I could find to change these settings was at

I was also tripped up by how to get my favorite *.desktop launchers into the favorites bar when clicking 'activities' - as it turns out, just simply need to copy the launcher you want to see in the search, to ~/.local/share/applications/<your-app-name>.desktop - then right click and set it to favorites after you find it in the search.

All in all, Ubuntu 17.10 is fast and easy to use. Switch to Linux+GNU and get your freedom on today!

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Quick update on #Mint (with #Linux + #GNU). I installed Mint as an alternative for several people for whom I fixed their computer. In one instance, someone asked me to install an "alternative" because the computer kept getting "infected". After installing Mint - I didn't see that person until about 2 years later, when they had reached the end of the Firefox update support for that Mint version. So I simply upgraded Mint to the newest version. Get your freedom on! Switch to Linux+GNU Mint today!

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Some good tips for getting your freedom on with #GNU / #Linux in here..

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Ah yes.. #gnu #linux is how you do it. Been recommending this method for years!

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Great read and quick - about some different GNU/Linux distros that have made history and continue to do so. Most of all... Get yours, your Freedom, your Technology, your Adventure - Get GNU/Linux today!
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