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susan burpee
Blogging about staying well dressed, well read, well travelled... and just... well... after fifty.
Blogging about staying well dressed, well read, well travelled... and just... well... after fifty.

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Midsummer Mysteries, and Other Books I'm Reading
It's midsummer already, and I haven't written a book post since the spring. Looking back at what I have written about, besides fashion, I notice a lot of angsting and ranting. Hmmm. What's with that, do you think? But even though I haven't been writing abou...

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And Shoppiness Ensued
Earlier this week, I visited my buddy Liz at Nordstrom for a preview of their Anniversary Sale. And let's just say that "shoppiness ensued." I love that line  from Christopher Brookmyre's book When the Devil Drives.  The fashion blogosphere has been buzzing...

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Elephant in the Room: On Working Hard
I listened to an interesting podcast on CBC radio the other day. One that started me thinking about hard work, and about blogging among other things.  "Seat at the Table" is a new series hosted by Isabelle Racicot , a well known television and radio host in...

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My Clothes Are Not the Boss of Me
Last fall I wrote a post about some crazy trends happening in fashion, about how unrealistic, unwearable, and downright silly some of them are. To me at least. Remember the "duvet coat?" Ha.  And I loved the comment on that post from "Catbird Farm" that she...

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On Camping and Marriage
Last week, Hubby and I set off on our annual early summer camping trip. We were f eeling hopeful, praying for sun, but fully prepared for rain and bugs, with lots of sunscreen and a bucketful of DEET. This trip is not to be confused with our annual fall cam...

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A Passion for Books About Fashion ... 4 Still Fabulous Non-Fiction Books
Hubby and I are away camping this week. So this book post is an old one from way back when I first started the blog in 2014. Most of you had never heard of High Heels in the Wilderness back then And as I was re-reading it a few nights ago, I thought how I s...

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Bounce Back
I'm convinced that the key to survival in life is the ability to bounce back. Back from whatever life, your job, your family, your health, mother nature, or even your own self-sabotaging tendency has thrown at you. Apparently psychologists and social scient...

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Waxing and Waning: A Crisis of Confidence
Ever have those moments when your self-confidence just dries up and blows away?  When instead of focusing on the myriad of things you can do well, and do do well, you focus instead on what you struggle to do? Or don't do at all anymore because you suck at t...

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Why I Love Golf
I love golf. I started to play not long after I met my husband. He's an avid and excellent golfer and has been playing since he was a teenager.  It all started with his teaching me to swing the club on the front lawn. Then we played our first game and I par...

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An Abundance of Blue
We have had an abundance of blue in our little part of the world these last few days. Yesterday morning, the sun shone, the river sparkled and reflected the blue sky, and Hubby's blue delphiniums were blooming up a storm. I love them.  Blue flowers, blue sk...
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