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In Romney's own hand his 2008 view of the US auto industry, covers unions, pensions...

G+ mobile servers crashed? 

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Thanks +Ben Parr and +Joshua Kiley
My 4000 word guide to Google+ is up. Please share it with EVERYBODY!

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+Dave Kal. thanks for this info
India orders Net firms to censor themselves

Some of the world's top websites will have to purge themselves of all content that is offensive to Indians by February 6. The companies must update their progress on the effort within two weeks, a court in New Delhi ordered on Saturday, the reports say. The demand is the Indian government’s latest attempt to monitor and control electronic information.

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I just had to post this, I replied to a post concerning quotes and Internet.

A very remarkable president, basically he stumbled into the job, very underrated man. He made some important, long lasting decisions that basically shaped the free world for over 50 years.

I strongly recommend this book

Conflict and Crisis Harry Truman 1945-1948.

Imagine a job like, submarine defense... With a wooden mallet rowing up to a submarine and striking the periscope with it. 

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