In a recent post in the BX group I mentioned that I have always had this desire (need) to create a 64 page saddle stitched book that fits with BX. A setting, for example. Or a book of BX style monsters or classes or whatever the case may be. Of course there are those who have already done this admirably well.

But this was a personal challenge to myself. And it doesn’t have to be limited to BX. The broader idea is this:

Create a 64 page RPG book that, if printed, would be saddle-stitched. The book should feel like it would be at home in the 70x/80s era of boxed set RPG booklets. And it should be completed in 6.4 months. That is, once the 6.4 months are up the game book should be ready for printing/uploading.
And that’s it.

I chose 64 pages because it is fairly common and is part of the iconic look and feel of BX. Also, 64 pages is a meaty enough workspace to create some pretty elaborate materials…but not so much space that you end up with too much detail. A 64 page book is usable at the table. It if fast to flip through but still can contain a lot of material.

Obviously these books come in various page counts. The Star Frontiers Alpha Dawn Basic Game Rules booklet is 16 pages. The Expanded Rules book is 60 pages. I believe Holmes’ Basic is about 48 pages. The Albedo box set rule books are 40 pages each. And so on.

In that sense you could modify the 64 Page RPG Challenge to suit the page count. A 32 page book in 3.2 months. A 40 page book in 4 months. And so on.

But the core idea is 64 in 6.4. Like the 24 hour comic book challenge or the 24 hour RPG challenge, this is a way of lighting a fire under your ass, for those of us who often need a fire lit.

My own challenge is 64 in 6.4 and it will probably be a BX setting. I begin on January 1 (officially) and end on July 12.

Who is with me?
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