Chrome 23 is out. Congrats!

In September, I shared a WebKit changset which introduces rulers to Web Inspector. When you open the Elements panel and hover over elements they show up.

That change has finally been brought into Cr23. And some people find it annoying and asking me how to turn off. Looks like there are no way :( But people won't stop and yell to stop the behavior... 

Okay, if I made you misunderstood I'm sorry, but I don't work on Web Inspector nor WebKit. That means yelling at comment on my post has very little meaning to solve the problem. The finest way is to report or ask to the right contact.

So, been a bit annoyed by such comments, I filed a bug to WebKit Bugzilla 7 hours ago. Within 6 hours, it's got fixed.

Changeset 133885 – WebKit ― Web Inspector: Add option to disable rulers (Elements panel)

I've never seen a bug that took such short time to get fixed. Alghough I don't get annoyed by the rulers, I just cannot stop thanking them.

With the commit, it disables rulers to show up by default. People wanting it can turn on via the pref panel. 
The change will happen in Chrome 25; meanign it'll come in 3 months.

Can't wait? Then perhaps you should try Canary.

Chrome Canary for Developers « Paul Irish

Not only trying, but use it for development or testing. Then you see what kinda changes will be made into the Chrome stable 3 months from now. (You might want to check out The Breakpoint by
+Addy Osmani and +Paul Irish too. They'll cover various things: tools, workflow, DevTools improvements, and other things make dev's life easy.)

If you find something annoying or disturbing with Canary, report or ask someone kindly enough to address the problem. The earlier you start working on it, the less time you will have to live with your annoyance.

Bed time. goodnight. be nice to browser devs.
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