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"Glitter / Houdini Update", "Experimenting on the web platform", and "Web Platform Metrics" sounds really interesting.


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Finally Kanazawa got Shinkansen. Every year end when I go back home (in Kanazawa) it takes me 4.5~5 hrs to get to Kanazawa sta. from Tokyo. With the new Shinkansen, it'll be 2.5 hrs and with no change of trains. hurrah.
Seat 6C looks pretty nice for a 260km/h train ride over to Kanazawa from Tokyo. Check out the new Hokuriku Shinkansen “Bullet Train” for yourself on Street View →

Intent to Deprecate: CSS font loading's ready as a function in favor of ready as an attribute

So a dev notified blink-dev that the removal of the old CSS Font Loading API caused a compat problem. 

> This caught me out today. We had production code using document.fonts.ready() which started throwing errors in Chrome 41 before we'd had time to notice the console warnings and apply a fix. Perhaps my code should have been more defensive but I had no idea the spec was likely to change. The transition period was too short, in my view.

Perhaps yes the transition/deprecation period was too short. Perhaps Blink's launch process has became a bit flawed from a compat standpoint. Perhaps console warning has never caught attention (I'm sick and tired of DevTools saying to use CSS dppx unit). Perhaps, perhaps...

But, I've been wondering, why don't devs test the site/app with Canary (or Developer Edition)? Going further, why don't devs use Beta instead of Stable/Release channel builds? By doing so such "transition period" could be extended by a month and a half or three. Using Beta or Dev channel builds is not just playing with cutting-edge Web platform features, but also avoiding such future breakage.

Are there any particular reasons to avoid developing with Beta/Dev/Canary builds?

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Do you know if all your users see the same content you see? I wrote a script that will let you visualize all the requests your browser makes that you don't know about.  I certainly found some interesting results.

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Service Worker in M43

“As we’ve met essential feature requirements, for M43 we’ll concentrate on DevTools and bug fixes especially to improve stability/health.”

great to hear DevTools integration and kill-switch are on the way.

#Chrome   #Blink   #ServiceWorker   #DevTools   #Chrome43

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great news. both <img srcset> and <picture> are enabled in Firefox Nightly. they'll be coming in May.

mozilla-central: changeset 229469:f8cb71f5eda1 — Bug 1018389 - Pref on <img srcset> and update test

mozilla-central: changeset 229470:de043394a41d — Bug 1017875 - Pref on <picture> element and update test

#Firefox   #ResponsiveImages   #Gecko  #Firefox38

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