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Dear Lazy G+, What disadvantages are there from using Google Apps for Business/Domains compared to using Other that not being able to use G+ with the same login at present.

I am assuming that there's the advantage of getting to use Jabber in Gmail with an identity instead of an identity if I use Google Apps for Business/Domain as opposed to regular Gmail. Is my assumption correct?

Alternatively, is there a self-hostable webmail app that has usability comparable to Gmail? (Zimbra is not it.)
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I use it for It appears that new features are deployed somewhat more conservatively for apps, but this has not bothered me. Setting up XMPP is a bit messy, requiring a lot of weird DNS magic, but when it works I do get, which is nice.

For mail I think the only benefit is that your address can never leak, which it does (did?) when you use GMail even if you configure it to send using another address.
+Philip Jägenstedt: Thanks. I'm willing to tweak DNS.

+Aryeh Gregor: What's the point of having Google Apps Gmail in the first place if you only use it to forward to regular Gmail? Just avoiding paying a 3rd party for MX?
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