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guitar, music, guitarists, lessons, online guitar, guitars, songs, music creation, musician
guitar, music, guitarists, lessons, online guitar, guitars, songs, music creation, musician

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what you consistently do, you get better at it. imagine if you just watch tv all day. lol Anyway as you watch tv why not practice some scales??

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Five things to always or never bring on Tour. Check it out

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Petrucci discusses Ernie ball cobalt electric guitar

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digital guitar stomp lovers out there meet the iStomp. It's a decent creation for people who have iphones and ios devices. Anyhow, really excited to try or see one live.

Sorry guys for the long hiatus. We're up once again for some more guitar playing!

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Only have one acoustic guitar but you are five in a band? worry not!

Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cover)

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Here's one to inspire you on your guitar playing.

Jon Gomm - Passionflower

Hey guitar circle!

Let's talk about looking cool on stage. What's your gimmick or style when you play on gigs, in front of the crowd?

Me? I usually do the power stance and sometimes any move that gets into my mind or body. I agree that we need to practice moves prior to gigs to not look like an idiot on stage, but I'm guilty of not doing this. who else is guilty?

Furthermore, what's your signature or favorite moves? Do you have some special tricks up your sleeves? Share it with us if you don't mind. ^^

Greetings Guitar Circle,

Let's talk about guitar case. Which do you prefer? A guitar bag or a hard case?

For me i have both, the leather hard case and the guitar bag (not padded though). I use the hard case for my favored les paul, and use the guitar bag for my old strat. lately, i use the les paul more often..

Ever since I always prefer the guitar bag because they are much easier to carry around. Though we all know that it's a lot more secure for your guitar having the hard case. It could be a real hassle if you travel and carry it most of the time, with or without a vehicle. but it's probably a "worth it" sacrifice.

Not until I read a certain article somewhere favoring guitar bags did i learn a unique difference between the two types. it mentioned about the strain on your arms and hands caused by carrying heavy hard cases. Furthermore, this strain may affect a person's guitar playing (logical) and it's advised not to carry any kind of heavy load right before playing on gigs. Well, that seems logical and that's why i prefer carrying guitar bags over the shoulder or as backpack, or if not let someone else carries it especially for the hard case. hehe

What's your thoughts on this? Are you on a hard case or favor the usual guitar bags? Share to us your thoughts! Cheers!

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