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Brainstorming changes to our plan pricing and benefits
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Hey Ryan, I think that's a good idea.

I am a current subscriber, but I have to say I'm thinking of canceling because, although there is tons of stuff, not all of it is appealing to me. I would rather pay for specific content that I had chosen. I see videos coming out regularly but a lot of them don't cover what I'm looking for (mainly javascript and rails development), so if I could choose from some 'channels' I would be much happier.

At the moment I feel like I'm 'paying' for stuff I have no interest in.

The content you have is excellent by the way, so keep up the good work and I'll hang in there whilst I see what changes you may be considering.

Are you guys thinking of doing any Node.js stuff?
Alan C.
Sure thing I'll buy credits for the gold membership anytime
What's going to happen to current subscribers? 
Thanks for all the helpful feedback guys.@Stavros You would be 'grandfathered' on to a plan with the same benefits, but at the cheaper price.
I'll be considering the Super Awesome Plan because it will bring me lots of knowledge and resources to study and improve my skills in order to do a better work. $99 for all those benefits,in my opinion is not bad at all.
I will be signing up, just waiting for more PHP to arrive. Course like MVC, OOPHP5, that sort of thing.
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