To give you a simpler, clear understanding of how wrong the negative reviews of "The Hobbit" really are, particularly the claims that the film is too long and slow and full of meandering talking and plotting, here are some facts for you to keep in mind:

“The Hobbit” is SHORTER than all of the LOTR films. It is, in fact, the shortest of Peter Jackson's last 6 FILMS except for “The Lovely Bones,” w
hich was about half an hour shorter.

And yet, despite being shorter, “The Hobbit” features an early opening battle sequence, and then SEVEN MORE battle sequences, plus two other action/chase sequences. That’s an average of one action/battle/chase sequence every 16 MINUTES. In between, we get jokes, Gollum being awesome for an extended period of time, monsters and strange creatures, and cool subplots about witchcraft (which involves some creepy thriller scenes I don’t include in the above count), among other things.

It’s the shortest, most action-packed, funniest, fastest paced of the entire Middle Earth franchise so far, and a brilliant movie.

Did you think the LOTR films were too long, boring, plodding, etc? Did the reviewers currently bashing "The Hobbit" with such claims say even worse things about the LOTR films? Think about these points and comparisons next time you read a review making those complaints about "The Hobbit," to get a real idea of how serious the writer is about their claims.
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