I came up as an ENFP, although some of it sounds a tad off from me really. Which is odd, because I can be a stickler about getting things done and schedules.
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....sounds more like a J. We don't do schedules well. ENFPs are spontaneous, liking to keep options open. We talk about ten miles a hour and, unlike ENTPs who can actually stay simi on track, we bounce around like a tennis ball!

ENFPs are open minded yet still some of the most stubborn people you'll ever meet on some things...like morals. Honestly, you might have better luck moving a mountain once we decide to stick with something. Until we're proven wrong, which will then lead to a bit of embarrassment before we move on.

We're not afraid to stretch or brake rules and social norms, sometimes we'll simply shatter them if we don't agree. We can switch to one extreme all the way to the next in the blink of an eye, go from serious to a five year old kid in seconds, and go from chasing butterflies to discussing the meaning of life on the drop of a dime.

We're also known also for our way with words, being dynamic and expressive, and, if the need arises, we may also be very good fibers due to the combined talents of dramatization, excessive talking, tale spinning, and our gift of making on the fly improvisations.

Boxing us in is always a bad idea, normally resulting in a bit of creative loop hole finding...unless you can make us see a logical reasoning behind it. We're a lot like ENTPs, just a bit more touchy-feely. We like puzzles, we like debate (as long as it doesn't go so far as insults and wounding feelings), we're some of the highest thinking feelers out there, and the most intuitive behind just a few. We make connections almost instantly, we ramble, we talk before thinking and tend to find a foot in our mouths, and we can sometimes fantasize about the future possibilities so much we miss the present and walk head first into a pole.

We're extremely headstrong and independent. We love making others happy. We're curious about everything. We retain almost everything we learn if interesting and throw out all other information we might find boring.

Over all...we're chaos, absolute chaos...and we enjoy every minute of it. Keeps things interesting. :3
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