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J.J. Abrams is apparently on a mission to conquer space. Take a look at today's STAR WARS news, folks!
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Man, Abrams is really typecasting himself -- almost like Zack Snyder.  I was figuring that he'd work on the Metal Gear Solid movie that will (or probably will not) be coming up according to Avi Arad and creator Hideo Kojima.  

This knocked out all of my ideas on who would do this Star Wars film.  I am SOOOOO glad Nolan isn't doing this.  If he does any existing franchise again, he needs to do a Bond film.  

Great article, as always, +Mark Hughes !
As a close student of Spielberg's flavor I think this choice in Abram's is kinda inspired. He's an unabashed fan of Star Wars and he gets 'wonderment'...I dont know his last 3 films have been pretty varied. MI:III, Star Trek and Super 8...all three films sincerely good times at the theater the perfect sensibility for that galaxy far far away. J.J. Abrams is the closest to Spielberg doing Star Wars as we're liable to get which kinda gives me goosebumps.
Indeed, Abrams makes great films and I'm speaking out of turn so much on my comment earlier.  I'm sure he'll do one hell of a job with it.  Light Sabres with lens flares will be one of those examples of wonderment in my eye.  Whatever happens, I just hope it's a success because there will always be fanboys (I'm not one) that will not be pleased.
Lightsabers with lens flares in man, 2015 is gonna be a blast at the movies