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Just published on my Forbes blog, folks -- what do fans think of my assessment?
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I agree with you, +Mark Hughes ...Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me like "The Dark Knight" got so much hoopla not only because of the cast's stunning performance--not just Heath Ledger or his untimely death--but eerily because the film ended on a melancholy-type of tone.  It's what I was hoping for as "The Dark Knight Rises" concluded.  Nolan did it!  He killed off Bruce Wayne!  ...oh, nevermind...he bangin' out Selina Kyle in Europe.  Basically, it seems that films that end on a darker note (i.e., "TDK," "Episode V," etc) get called the best of the series. 

"Marvel's The Avengers" was way more family friendly and would be more than likely to get slid into that spot.  I sincerely hope that "...Rises" gets nominated because like you, I dig it.  Another great post!