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Thank you. You really put my mind at ease about seeing this film. All I've read so far were the bad reviews. But I've agreed with everything I've read of yours so far, so I trust you.
I can't stress enough, see it in IMAX 3D at 48fps, the effect is amazing. Be sure to sit in the center or as close to the center as possible, too, for maximum benefit! :)
That's the plan. Seriously, you've got me more excited than I ever was to see this.  
One heck of a review, Mark.  You always give an honest review for us.  You actually may have convinced me that I should go see this film...I'm not into the whole LOTR, Hobbit thing either.  I can appreciate great filmmaking though.
"The Hobbit" and "Life of Pi" are in a league of their own this year when it comes to Cinematography and visual effects. Even if I were someone who disliked the story and action etc, I'd want to see "The Hobbit" again strictly for the joy of the glorious visual brilliance of the whole endeavor!
Thanks for the bandwagon discussion.  Really needed to be said.
Excellent review, +Mark Hughes. Read your review at Forbes (from a share in my Stream) and decided to circle you for your future reviews of other movies. :-)