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My movie review of ZERO DARK THIRTY, take a look!
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Nice review, Mark.  I've been waiting to go see this film for over a year.  Kathryn Bigelow has been churning out some amazing films lately. 
Agreed, I'm a fan of "Strange Days" and "Point Break," two of her earlier films that are less well-known (and less well-liked!), as well as "The Hurt Locker" and "Zero Dark Thirty." She does great work.
Indeed.  I definitely remember "Point Break."  I recall back in college, my World Religions professor made some correlations between our religious studies and that film, among others...particularly films with Keanu Reeves.
Always tight reviews Mark. For me my favorite Bigelow joint is Near Dark...I really liked Bigelow's take on the mid western American Vampire in Near Dark. It's an iteration on the the vampire trope that I feel is a shame never got followed up on. Kathryn's story telling is always very succinct with solid pacing and she finds a way of grounding the protagonist in a fashion that always engenders the audience 
I love "Near Dark," listed it on my Forbes list of best vampire movies of all time! :)
Damn, fellas...I need to check that joint out!  I've never seen "Near Dark" before.  So, it's better than "Interview..."?
It's about redneck vampires in an RV, but not campy -- it's played straight and creepy. It is all kinds of awesome.
Yeah Adrian I have to agree with Mark, Near Dark easily deserves a seat at the table of 'Best Vamp Movies of All Time'. As far as it being better than 'Interview...' They are different, personally I skew toward Near Dark because Kathryn's take feels so 'Americana' in it's application of vampire tropes so that take is really cool, plus Near Dark has one of Bill Paxton's coolest yet most obscure performances I think