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Late-night news from me, folks -- the Superman reboot poster is out, take a gander!
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Mark, I've continually made the comment of the seriousness of this film...all because we haven't seen Superman smile at all yet. This film is going to be quite involved.
I enjoy Zach Snyder's work, but I think the best interpretation of Superman is one of hope if they try to play him grim just to achieve seriousness I feel that will be a disservice to the character. I want this to be good. It kind of needs to be good
I agree with +Nikia V. Henderson ...perhaps this persecution photo is part of the "make him more like one of us" ideas they are utilizing.  I am certain he will rise. pun on "The Dark Knight Rises" purposely intended.
I think the first trailer gives us a very good idea of the tone and sentiment of this film -- I think it's going to be a story of hope and faith, not grimness, but hope and faith need narrative balance with true danger and some despair if the sense of fulfillment (for hope and faith) is to resonate strongly.