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Hilarious Floyd Mayweather radio interview: "You are not allowed to be sensitive! You beat people up for a living!!" :D

This is the best 6:43 minutes I've ever wasted! Hahaha!!

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simply awesome...

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+1 to Google for finally inegrating +Google+ as a marketplace app for an email domain hosted in +Gmail. woohoo!! way to go, Google!

2nd stage of grief...

2. Anger — the grieving individual may be mad at the person who inflicted the grief, or at himself/herself for letting the grief happen even if it cannot be avoided.

1st stage of grief...

1. Denial — stage where the grieving individual tends to deny that the grief exists.

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it took me a long while to find out how to do the [+<put your name here>] tagging, but I eventually found out :D

and probably, just like me, there are still some out there who doesn't know (or too busy to read and find out), so here it is:

right click on the person's name, Copy Link Address, paste into your post, and delete everything except for the numbers, like so...

(that is mine, by the way) delete '" and put a '+' before the numbers, and voila!

+Chris Haravata

maybe someone has a better way of doing this. hahaha

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