UPDATE - this event has been postponed. Please follow the +Verizon Wireless page for more information.

How One Business Is Using Hangouts On Air
Posted by +Anjali Vaidya:

Advertisers, music stars, and Hangouts on Air make for beautiful friendships! On Friday, May 18, +Verizon Wireless will host a Hangout featuring Indie music star +Daria Musk, who has built 1M+ followers on Google+. Daria will be performing in Verizon's Basking Ridge headquarters for 100+ employees.

This is a fantastic example of a business using Google+ to entertain, inform, and delight its customers. Verizon is utilizing this unique platform to build partnerships that cater directly its fans.

Who and what do your customers love? Hangouts on Air provide a phenomenal way to simultaneously promote our own brand and connect your followers with their passion.

Do you have any ideas for similar events? How can your business harness its expertise, resources, and connections, to transform your Google+ page into a hub of entertainment, information, and brand promotion?
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