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The 10 Step Guide for Great Google+ Page Management

(An extension of my post, The Secret 10 Step Guide to Giving Good Social)

Google+ is growing fast, and new brand pages are signing up around the
clock. So how can you get noticed and find the right people interested
in and talking about your brand? Here are some quick tips that work.

1) Be Interesting.

This sounds simple and obvious, but it’s critical. If your brand and
content are interesting to Google+ users, they’re more than happy to
add you to their circles. Whether it’s +Toyota USA for cars, +NASA for
exploring deep space, +Coldplay for the perfect song or +Angry Birds
and +The Muppets for entertainment, your content can bring value to
connections here.

2) Share Uniquely.

The best brands are saying something new and special. You know your
products better than anybody else. Wow us with facts, features and
insight we can’t get except from you.

3) Interact With Your Audience.

Great social brands interact. They don't just broadcast. They respond
to comments in threads, mentions on Google+, and participate in the
streams. There's no value lost in talking with new connections. They
just might be your best customers and brand advocates.

4) Show Your Human Side.

Google+ is a great way to make sure you’re not a faceless corporation.
Interact and have a sense of humor. Show emotion and don’t just share
what your product is, but what it can do for your users. We'll be exploring ways to humanize your page in the coming weeks.

5) Learn the Community.

You will want to learn the community's behaviors, traditions and what
everyone else is doing or saying. Let the community's reaction to your
content guide you, and constantly adjust. As communities evolve, so
should your approach.

6) Don't Add to the Noise.

Posting consistently is critical, to show you’ve got great news and
features to share. But don’t overdo it. Even if your quantity is
higher than the average, the quality should exceed it. The best
content in the right place and time. Don’t be the hundredth person to
reshare an item that you bet everyone else has seen. Being unique is
always a good thing.

7) Find Your Brand Advocates With Ripples.

Every post you add to the stream can be shared. When they are shared,
just use the pulldown in the top right and “View Ripples” to see who
has shared your content and what they said. The larger the circles in
Ripples, the larger the reach they could have.

8) Stay On Top of Google+ Search.

You can search Google+ for items related to your brand and save those
searches for quick access. Save terms like “astronaut” for +NASA and
“pickup truck” for +Ford Motor Company. See what the world is saying about you and your market.

9) Do a Hangout. Do Lots.

Hangouts are an incredible way to connect with your community, live.
Do regular hangouts and answer support questions, offer product tips,
or whatever you like. The floor is yours.

10) Be Flexible

Despite all this, there's no secret for getting people to like you,
your content or your attitude. Don't expect that the process that
works for you today on other mediums is always going to be the one
that gets you the response you're looking for. So keep trying, keep
engaging and keep being unique.
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