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Novelist, short story writer, copy editor, book reviewer, nonfiction author
Novelist, short story writer, copy editor, book reviewer, nonfiction author


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At Swift’s shows, ISM installed cameras behind kiosks marked as “selfie stations”, drawing concert-goers in with Swift trivia and behind the scenes footage. Their hidden cameras scanned the facial features of fans interacting with the screens, the company explained in a series of posts on its website. They also outlined how this helped generate metrics used to enhance the tour, in a post that has since been removed.
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Past 10k on Underground War.

This one has a lot of characters with a background of connections in previous books, so my approach is to bring in their separate main threads first, then show a number of conversations between members of the different groups - bringing the threads together early on, rather than running them separately for a while and connecting them later.

Sometimes, you can't avoid running the plot threads separately, because the characters don't connect until late in the book. But if you can avoid it, I think you should.
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Turns out that the reports of G+ being a ghost town were not so much false as premature. Thanks, Google.

This is where I'll be.
Where I'll Be Post-GPocalypse

I have an account on Pluspora (main link below), and will be there more often as G+ is horribly tortured to death by uncaring corporate overlords.

Not going to MeWe, as either it will be shut down for hate speech and I'll have to leave, or it won't be shut down for hate speech and I'll have to leave.

The Blue Bird of Crappiness has never really grabbed me. Don't look for me there (I have an old account, but haven't logged on in years.)

I am reluctantly on Facebook, but I don't post much; mainly there for a couple of groups related to my writing, including one run by my publisher.

I have a couple of other possibilities in mind which sound like they're going to be good, but aren't ready yet; if I end up at one of them, I'll announce on Pluspora. Oh, and FB, fine.

I'm in the process of porting most of my G+ collections content over to my website: Hoping to find a way to continue to post things like SFF Thought Starters over there, though it's going to be more difficult.

I may start blogging more, too, at (where I post about my books and writing in general).

My review site continues to be, where I echo my Goodreads reviews. Feel free to friend or follow me on Goodreads, too:

I've already transitioned over to iNaturalist for my nature photography, such as it is:

And if you qualify to join Codex, the neo-pro writers' group (basically if you've sold to an SFWA-recognised pro market or have a trad-pub contract), I drop in there fairly frequently and would love to see you there:
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Via +Keith Wilson.

Headline is, of course, a clickbait exaggeration not backed up by the article. But it's interesting to contemplate the scenario where human population is dropping.
Unintended consequences... Blackberry started the first generation of smartphones. It did emails very well, but the apps sucked. The browser sucked hard too. Then Google bought Android. And was about to deliver a blackberry killer, and BAM Apple came out of nowhere and kick started the second generation of smartphones. Google quickly retooled, and shipped Android. And thus began the smartphone wars.

Apple was focused on their hardware and software, and making it the best they could.

Google was focused on spreading Android far and wide. And because Verizon couldn't get iPhones for 5 years, they were forced to go Android.

And now, you can find Android everywhere. From the expensive high ends, to the cheap low ends.

And everywhere means EVERYWHERE

Even the very poor, living in slums in 3rd world countries, have smartphones.

And what does having a smartphone give you, besides flappy birds and other games? Data. Information. Girls, women, are now exposed to knowledge.

And are choosing to have smaller families.

Cheap smart phones are pushing the world population down.

Bet you didn't see that coming, did you?

Android leads to lower global birth rates.
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I'm increasingly concluding that if you want to find the real drivers of history, you need to look beyond the great man theory and study food. Also cloth, but mainly food.
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So I set out to correct what I see as a misapprehension about noblebright fantasy, and ended up talking about human nature, society, good and evil, and how our own beliefs (and backgrounds) can influence the stories we tell.
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Over 3700 words now on Underground War, in three scenes. I've introduced three of the key groups of players; I'm now thinking that I need to make the introduction of the fourth group the first scene, and make it an action scene, to promise the readers that there will be action. The three scenes I've written are all relationship scenes, which is also a key part of the book, but it is a techno-thriller too.
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So, I've started a new novel.

No, I haven't finished Cut Crystal and Broken Glass. After nearly a month of somehow not working on it for a series of different reasons, I've admitted that I'm not currently feeling it, and decided to move on to my next secondary-world steampunk techno-thriller, currently entitled Underground War.

I'll probably come back to Cut Crystal in due time. It's an idea I've had in the notebook for a long time, and I think it does have legs. But I do this for fun, mostly, and it wasn't being fun. Underground War has the potential for more momentum.

Along with being a thriller, it's also a kind of distributed romance - meaning that the elements of a traditional romance (and some other stuff) are distributed among multiple different couples, and I'm not going to feel obliged to make a traditional romance plot out of it. But I have just written a meet-cute, of sorts.
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