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Listen to "2 Stories" on gender based violence, marking 16 Days of Activism

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Loving Cynthia Mare's song Moto Ngaubvire, launched to mark the start of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. Girl Power!

“I decided that the most subversive, revolutionary thing I could do was to show up for my life and not be ashamed." - Anne Lamott, “Operating Instructions”

Only 4 of the 27 Bills mentioned by the President in September 2013 were actually presented to #ZimParly in the past year says Veritas Zimbabwe.

The meagre output of Bills by Parliament over the thirteen months of the First Session reflects the Government’s general lack of preparedness for legislation to fulfil its legislative agenda, its election manifesto, ZIMASSET, and its duty to implement the Constitution.

As a result of this dearth of legislative work from the Government, and Government Ministers so often not turning up to respond to written questions, and a conspicuous lack of Ministerial presence in both Houses when debates affecting their Ministries took place, Parliamentarians were left largely to their own devices.  Although there were some extremely lively debates on controversial motions introduced by backbenchers, there seemed to be little resulting impact.  In both Houses, but particularly in the Senate, the lack of government business and presence led to some very short sittings – with an appreciable number of “afternoon” sittings lasting for less than an hour.

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Get inspired! Go inside/out with survivor, adventurer, fundraiser and fun seeker Linda Davidson . . . And get to the Zimboundary - Cycle Challenge Against Poaching slideshow next week to hear the story of a 6-week, 3,763 km cycle ride around Zimbabwe

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Powerful and creative #SwaziJustice campaign raises awareness about ongoing human rights abuses - Featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu and actress Alfre Woodard, among many others: #SwaziJustice

please confirm for me that my vision was correct this morning. that indeed there was a que at the Mozambican embassy in Harare. that this que was for people who were casting their votes in their country's general election. that it was a que of people expressing their democratic right whilst resident in foreign land. also confirm for me that you can never, neither will you ever in the near future, find a que for this purpose at a Zimbabwean embassy anywhere and anytime in the world, even at embassies located in our friends from the east and Russia of late. please confirm my vision was correct.
muf the patriot.
(muf said, in other words)

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Guns & Rain Brings African Art to the World
Interview with the equity-minded founder of the new commerce and development platform
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