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Hi folks we have a Chromie with a Question about a small buisness
+Chromebook Gurus I am thinking of going with the +Chromebook for my company's IT work desktops.  Our CRM will be moving to HTML5 soon, so it will work "flawlessly" in Chrome.  I know I will get some grief from a few of them when I bring up this option, so I am attempting to build my case.

I am looking for info that will help me better understand the best way to manage the devices as well.  We are currently a Google Apps company, so it makes sense to stick with Google products for mobility purposes.

The one major drawback that I see to switching to Chromebooks is the resistance I will get from people who love Microsoft Office and pretty much swear by it.  Google Tools (Docs, Spreadsheets, Etc) aren't perfect, but they are still young in their development.  Google seems to be working to improve a lot of its features.

There are a couple of other issues that I would like to look into:  

One being that everyone is currently used to using dual monitors.  Would this be a possibility with a Chromebook?  Can I hook up a monitor to it and have a split screen look?  This would make it a lot easier for my users to read email and work in the CRM at the same time (sometimes a copy and paste from email is necessary).

Two, are there Chrome extensions/options that will help with the moving from MS Office (mainly Outlook)?

Finally, does anyone have an experience with Managing a small business (less than 50 users) with Chromebooks as their main PC?

Thanks for the help, I look forward to any help that can be provided.
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If they really want the desktop feel go with the Chromebox. They are spec'd to run dual monitors right out of...the box. As for calendars in the Admin console you can setup rooms just as you can in Outlook. 
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Hi Chromies,   We have a request from one of you.  +Morgan Price would like to know from you if he should  get the Toshiba Chromebook or wait for the Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6"? (can't afford the 13"). he's looked at benchmarks and the Samsung is a bit slower than expected. Also has anyone installed Ubuntu on their Toshiba?  Anyone have any first hand knowledge of this?
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Congratulations! Glad you're enjoying it!
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Anyone want to win a Pixel?
I've been a +HelloFax  user for well over a year now.  I have my own dedicated fax number and as a home business subscriber I'm entitled to the following features:

Email to fax
Send and receive faxes online
Fax multiple recipients at once
Edit and sign faxes electronically
International coverage. Fax to 70+ countries
Sign in using your Google credentials. (No new password needed)
Sync and manage your faxes from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive and/or Evernote.

Try it for 30 days - free - and be entered to win a ChromeBook Pixel.
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Quick Reference to installing Kali on a Chromebook. Specifically the HP Chromebook 14".    +Chromebook Gurus
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Chromebook Gurus

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What I Think About the Latest "Scroogled" Commercial

That is all.
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bookmarked and appreciated!
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Have them in circles
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Google began rolling out Google Now to desktop versions of Chrome on Monday.
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We've released Chrome versions of all our apps. +Chromebook users, check out Edit – photo editor that brings Curves tool in Chrome. Please, share.

#chrome #app #chromeapps #chromebook 
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+Torstein Finnbakk Really? works fine on mine, I wonder why? what kind of setup do you have? I have the US version of Samsung Chromebook ver-3, what exactly are you doing so that I can test on mine to see if it replicates same results?
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This is for all of you who have an HP 11

With guidance and approval from the CPSC and other regulatory agencies, Google and HP are recalling the original charger for the HP Chromebook 11. Customers should visit to request a free replacement charger. We apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused. Your safety is our top priority. With our partner HP, we are resuming sales of the HP Chromebook 11. All new packages will include the replacement charger.
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+Peter den Hartog  I am happy it worked out for you.
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Chromebook Gurus

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Say no more
How I bought a Chromebook and booked a flight to Hollywood instead of buying a Windows laptop, or the true cost of a Chromebook vs. Windows laptop

Continuing to push it’s Scroogled! campaign, Microsoft released a tongue-in-cheek advert where a woman takes a Chromebook she received as a gift into a pawn shop (apparently the clerks are famous and probably stars of a fake “reality TV” show about pawning)  and attempts to sell the ‘book for a ticket to Hollywood. It’s really all good and fun until Microsoft starts making claims. 

Microsoft makes many claims in their latest ad, saying things like you can’t install the latest PC games on a Chromebook, can’t install Office or other popular programs and cannot work without a wireless connection. And Microsoft says a Windows laptop, starting at $249, can solve these issues. 

In order for me to edit documents natively, like Microsoft says, I need to purchase Microsoft Office as an addition to the laptop. If I’m savvy and know that Microsoft has an online subscription to Office, then I’ll pay $99.99/year for Office. If I’m in a brick-and-mortar store, then I will probably get a copy of Office there at $139 (the Home & Student copy). My $249 laptop now costs $388. 

Now we’re almost good to go. Since we’re on a Windows laptop, we do have to be concerned with viruses and malware out there, because the internet is a super scary place. So we’ll get the latest copy of generic anti-virus at $50 for a one-year subscription. Now we’re looking at $438. I haven’t even left the store with my laptop yet! 

Here’s where things can get interesting. Windows 8 does some fun things with prompting users to sign into their Microsoft (msn, hotmail, outlook, live) account. When this happens, it also sets up Skydrive to seamlessly sync my documents to the cloud. If I don’t have a microsoft account and open one, Microsoft allots me 7GB of storage on the house. Great! Any new Chromebooks come with an additional 100GB of Google Drive storage space out of the box. So, if I want my Skydrive space to match up to the space that I would get with Drive, I would pay an additional $100 ($50 per year for 100GB, Google’s offer is valid for two years). 

Now my $249 laptop is costing me $538 on Day 1! This doesn’t take into account a new Windows version (and purchase of upgrade) in two years, nor does it take into the account of a new version of Office (assuming, again, that we picked up the disc-based copy). 

Yep, we’re getting Scroogled alright. My $249 laptop that weighs twice as much and gets half the battery life doesn’t seem so appealing anymore…

This isn’t to say that the Chromebook remains spotless through everything. While Google recently launched a new “Offline Apps” section to it’s Chrome Web Store, the selection does remain rather spartan. 

Setting up things for offline access can be easier, also. I would imagine at some point, during setup, there would be a simple “Do you want to enable offline access of your files stored on Google Drive?” Yes/No prompt to broker that for you. But for now, we’ll just go into the settings on Google Drive and enable it. And the same with Gmail. And the same with Calendar. 

Chromebooks are not the answer to all things laptop, much like Microsoft is not the answer to all things laptop either. But when you match a Microsoft laptop at the same price point to a Chromebook, make sure you cite the real cost. 

(Oh, and a one-way ticket to Hollywood from Detroit costs ~$228 dollars. I could buy a Chromebook and a flight to Hollywood for the cost of that $249 Windows laptop.)
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We just got two of them for my wife and I for school it's great and better than messing with my windows stuff I am still getting used to it but it's good all around
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The touch screen is annoying if for example you have a cat that likes to rub their face against the screen, but the Pixel is absolutely awesome.
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