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Kenra Daniels
Writer of steamy Paranormal Romances featuring weredragons and daywalking vampires.
Writer of steamy Paranormal Romances featuring weredragons and daywalking vampires.

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Putting things right in straight monogamous relationships and saving families with Romance.
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#Creed #InspirationalEroticRomance
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Any Archangels Creed Addicts out there in G+ land?? Here's a little something you might enjoy!

This excerpt is from "Summon Lyght" due to be released in a few days. Please remember this is near first draft material and has had only the most minor edits. A slightly different version of this scene will appear in the published book.

The scene is between Lesedi and Miya, the human couple. Lesedi is black, from South Africa. He's well-educated and cultured, from a prominent family. Miya is Native American, working as a waitress in the same little town where she was raised by her single mother. She's had a crush on gorgeous and mysterious Lesedi since he began coming to the diner where she works a few days earlier. In the scene, he's just rescued her from an assault and the two of them became involved in the drama going on with Lyght and his chosen mate.

We'd love to hear what you think, so please comment! and don't forget to +1 and Share :)

Lesedi found it difficult to be concerned with anything but Miya. Unaccountably, she had grown far too important to him in far too short a time. Yes, the strange man at the diner who introduced himself as an angel of light or something similarly preposterous should warrant his immediate attention, given that people who proclaimed supernatural status possessed an alarming tendency toward insanity, but for the life of him he could not bring himself to fret over him. Each time he tried, silly feelings assaulted him, like he was attempting to fear his sweet grandmother. 
The man may have been odd but he reeked of harmlessness. As his life demanded, Lesedi had honed his instincts long enough to feel confident about their accuracy. Which left him to ponder a very tormenting issue. The need to feel Miya’s lips again. They were small under his, supple silk with a faint trace of her mint. Warm and generous. Like the rest of her. 
She made it abundantly clear to him that she wanted to show her gratitude for his intervention in what promised to become a very ugly situation. And how she wanted to show it. Scruples aside, who was he to deny her? Of course he would make sure she was the one that went away properly paid. The things he hadn’t dreamt of doing to her. To see her in the throes of passion would be payment enough, his own satisfaction be damned.  
His behavior at that point in time was borderline foolish given the entire situation. He should be getting the hell out of the miserable little town. And he would. As soon as he ensured Miya was settled into her home and made sure she was safe from that baboon’s ass of a man, then he would go. After he had her. The strange man would take it from there. 
He pulled up at her home, cursing the habit that insisted he back the car in ready for a quick departure and scoped the area, noting it appeared to be the edge of town. His eyes honed in on Miya’s hips as she ascended the steps of her humble cottage, feeling like his gallant intentions were tethered by testosterone. The sexy sway of her hips had him immediately hard and he was grateful for the cover of dark jeans and a night sky as he hurried to join the group huddled at her door. 
That’s what he got for attempting to play a holy man for his family. 
Lesedi followed them in, having to duck in the doorway. The scent of mint and eucalyptus filled his nostrils along with the faint smell of bacon. He drew in a deep breath, his body seeming to devour the welcoming combination. Wooden walls the color of honey gave off warmth in the sparsely furnished, and delicately sized home. The living room held a tweed colored sofa and a rocking chair that may have been hewn straight from a tree for all its bulky crookedness. He eyed a Bible atop a literal tree stump next to the rocking chair, and judging by its lumpy thickness, he was pretty sure it wasn’t just for show. 
Straight ahead a shoe box sized kitchen adjoined the tiny sitting area. It reminded him of that doll house he’d once seen as a child in an American magazine one Christmas. He was sure he’d break the dainty kitchen chairs that looked to be made of white worn tooth pics. Lesedi found himself oddly impressed with the décor. It seemed to be plucked straight from nature. From the flowers in softly colored earthenware crocks on every surface to the clusters of color hanging on the wall in one artistically twisted fashion or another. Something inside him tugged, a familiar longing of…memories, maybe from long ago. Perhaps when things were simple, and money and power did not yet exist in his mind and world.  
He turned his head to the right, getting a whiff of soft lilac soap. A tiny bathroom lay beyond a rough plank door that stood ajar hinting at where the scent may have originated. Beyond that he glimpsed a bed neatly made with a pale yellow bedspread and matching curtains.
“I’ll put on coffee and tea then draw a bath for Tyler.” She aimed compassionate eyes at the young boy. “A nice warm bath will have him good as new.”
The tender lilt in her voice tingled through Lesedi. Memories of her warm mouth assaulted him just as she met his gaze. Her eyes lowered and she hurried toward him, making Lesedi brace for some sort of impact. 
“Oh my goodness, your hand.” She lifted it and examined the bloody oozing knuckles. Lesedi lost himself in the feel of her touch and the sound of her voice. “I have just the thing to fix that right up.”
His heart sputtered as she tugged him to the bathroom and pulled him inside. He ducked to clear the jamb and he watched her shut the door. The second she did, his testosterone hit a dangerous level. She seemed oblivious to the fact that she’d just closed herself in with a man on fire with needs too long unmet. 
She rummaged through a small cabinet next to a claw foot tub. His eyes landed on lacy undergarments the second she seemed to remember they were there.
“Oh shoot!” She yanked the shower curtain closed and turned to him with flushed cheeks and a small bottle of something. “Sorry.” The silky word got Lesedi hard as a rock. She cleared her throat and came right up to him like a fearless warrior. “This might sting a little but I don’t imagine it’ll bother a man like you.”
He watched her dab some of the liquid onto a cottonball and then touched it to the gash on his knuckle gently. “A man like me?”
She looked up at him and his pulse exploded in his ears at how beautiful she was in passion. It filled her eyes even though she no doubt thought she hid it well. She chewed her lower lip briefly and hunger hit his groin with a fury when her pink tongue swept it nervously. “I just meant…cause…well you’re um…”
“Does my color scare you?”
Her dark gaze jerked up to his, wide and innocent. She shook her head. “No, not…not at all…”
Lesedi listened with anticipation as she softly stuttered out her thoughts, not daring to interrupt the arousing sound. 
“…I think…” She lowered her head as though she couldn’t bring herself to say the words.
“Don’t stop.” Lesedi whispered the words in an effort to keep his deep voice low.
“Might sound dumb because you’re a man but…I think you’re…” She shrugged a shoulder and tucked hair behind her ear nervously, “beautiful.”
Despite his determination to not be offended or concerned by her response, Lesedi couldn’t stop his laughter. It was the very last thing in the world he expected to exit those beautiful lips. Nobody had ever called him that before. Especially not a white person, and certainly not a white woman.  
She looked up at him, worry pinching her perfect brows. “I don’t mean it in a…”
Hunger to sooth her fears blinded him and he lowered his mouth to hers and groaned as she opened. Eager and ready, she held on to his shoulders and moaned softly as he pulled her body tight against his, one hand pressing her soft curves right onto his excruciating hard on. 
The BANG! BANG! BANG! on the bathroom door felt like blows to his head they were so loud. “Yes!” He growled.
“I need to speak with you. Now.”
Lesedi recognized the white man’s voice but not the cutting edge in it. What was his problem?
Lesedi bristled with annoyance. “Can it wait?”
“Positively not.”
That insolent little bastard. “I’ll be there in a minute.”
“You’ll be here now, or I’m opening the door, mate.”
“Go!” Miya whispered. She pushed out of his arms and shooed him toward the door. “I’ll draw the boy’s bath.”
Lesedi nodded, his gaze lowering to burn the image of her arousal into his brain. Her nipples strained through the blouse of her uniform, slamming his groin with heat. The realization that her bra was thin and flimsy had him furious with the strange little man for keeping him from discovering whether it was also transparent in that very instant.
She nodded and smiled, her cheeks turning red before turning to the tub and busying herself. 
Lesedi walked out and was immediately yanked by his arm into her bedroom. He might have been pissed, but the only thing he could think in that second was how strong the little white man was.

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New Review of Summon Toren on Goodreads
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A guest post from the folks over at Adam & Eve's - come check it out.
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Ever wonder how authors come up with some of those great scenes? I promise you, NOTHING is exempt from consideration!
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Get Kassern Free today, and remember to go vote for him in the #CharacterBattle where "Summon Kassern" is the ONLY #Indie  book in the Semi-Final round.
#Kassern‬  Kicks A Little Ass

"Wait for me. Don't leave the car." 

Kassern headed up the flight of stairs, hoping the events of the next few minutes wouldn't create too much of a spiritual racket. Dealing with another herd of demons rated pretty low on his To Do list. He needed to get Karly and take them all someplace safe for a few days. He wasn't positive yet, but it seemed he was actually tired. Had to be part of the humanity perks he'd inherited. To him, it was just a time obstacle he did not need.

He neared the door and paused. Where was Karly's guardian? He stared at the knob but the outer surface didn't give way for him to see if the lock was engaged. Great, he couldn't see? His jaw tensed at his new human gifts of weakness. Just how much strength had he lost? Had any vital abilities deserted him? 

He turned the knob and nudged the door open, the locks splintering off. Still had his warrior's strength. Huge plus there. 

"Heyyy man, you broke the door." 

Kassern regarded the skinny guy with the slurred voice on his right, noting the drug confusion crimping his forehead. "Where's Jake?" 

The man broke into a rotten toothed smile. "Up in the back." He raised his brows. "Havin' a li'l fun with his ol' lady, Karly. Ask real nice like, he might let you get a li'l bit o' that." 

Nauseated, Kassern listened as he walked through the apartment dump, wishing he'd lost his angelic sense of smell instead of his hearing. Temporary. Damn well better be. 

He stepped over an overturned lamp and heard them. The sound coming from the room at the end of the short hall nearly locked his limbs. A sharp female cry and cynical laughter from more than one male. Three steps and he kicked open the door, interrupting the sick party. 

Four men surrounded the human girl, beaten and burned beyond recognition, tied to the bed, nothing hidden. The blood pooling between her legs brought a rage Kassern was not used to. Another human weakness. 

Her guardian stood nearby.  He turned tortured eyes to Kassern. "I couldn't do enough to make a helpful difference." 

The fury that coursed through Kassern called his armor out in haphazard fashion, rather than his usual strategic pattern. Ruby daggers sprang out of his knuckles while gauntlets covered his hands, and spiked vambraces turned his forearms to lethal weapons. His lower legs sported razor-blade embellished greaves and spurs appeared on his heels. 

The human to his left stank with Karly's blood, so he took him first.

When Kassern spun him, the man pulled a gun from his waistband and fired. Kassern's shields dissolved the bullets before they could strike him. With one flick of a finger, he sent a probe into the man's head, and learned his identity and a long list of depravities in a millisecond.

So this was Jake. 

The first blow of Kassern's fist sent blood flying through the air. The second crushed bone. One of the other men chose that moment to attack him from behind, coming with a knife and trying to reach around his neck. Kassern kicked backward, the spur on his heel ripping into the man's thigh. Chaos erupted, with Kassern at the center and blood running freely.

He took his time making them pay, making them bleed and scream while he covered their bodies with his seal, the holy cross. Every one of the judgments went tendon deep and came with the citing of every sin they were guilty. 

Five minutes of mutilation left him heaving in the center of the bloody room, the four men moaning in debilitating pain. If they were lucky, they'd pass out before they bled to death. If they lived, they would wear his mark for all to see, forever. Kassern glanced at Karly, who stared at him through narrow slits permitted by the grotesque swelling of her face. 

Her limbs trembling uncontrollably as he hurried to the bed and severed her bindings with a fingernail. He breathed a ruby mist over her body that formed a silk-like blanket covering her nudity and soothing her wounds. He carefully scooped her up. 

Kassern carried her out of the carnage and to the car. He tried not to feel the damage they'd done but having her so close to him brought it into his pores. His rage returned as he hurried, along with a bone-deep fatigue. He needed to get them all someplace safe so he could rest. 

But first, he'd have to do something to ease Karly's pains. Especially the emotional and spiritual. She wouldn't heal with her heart and will this broken.

Chapter Fifteen

Troy stayed silent, paying careful attention to the road. Anything to keep from focusing on the sounds and smells behind him. Thinking about what Jake had done to Karly took him directly into a waking nightmare, and had already made him lose his cookies.

"We need to stop," Kassern muttered from the back seat where he still cradled Karly in his lap. 

Troy eyed him in the mirror. Stop? "You think it's safe?" 

"No." Kassern met his gaze. "But she must be tended and cleansed of what they've done." 

"I'll stop at the next exit." They'd been driving for nearly two hours. Kassern said he wanted them as far from the city as possible. 

"We'll rest for six hours and move." Kassern's tone lowered. 

A glance in the rearview revealed Kassern studying Karly's sleeping face. 

"Where are we going after?" Troy asked. Wherever it was, he should stop at an ATM. He didn't have a great deal in the bank, but they'd probably need every penny to finance their little vacation.

"Uriel hasn't told me yet." 

"Who's that?" 

"My commander." 

"Well, when will you know?" 

Kassern again met his gaze in the mirror. "When my humans are strong enough." 

Strong enough? "For what?" 

"To enter the holy sanctuary." 

"The holy…what holy sanctuary?" 

Kassern leaned his head against the seat and closed his eyes. "The only place on earth that you'll be safe while my brothers finish the circle." 

The circle. Had he mentioned that before? "And that would be…what circle?" 

Troy hated hitting him with twenty questions when it seemed the angel was exhausted. But he had to know. 

"The one we'll need to defeat the army of--” 

Karly’s sudden screams cut off the angel’s tired words. It had to be the fifth time she’d done that, like her mind was set to detonate with the reoccurring nightmare. Troy watched once more, fascinated as Kassern pulled her face close to his and whispered foreign words softly to her. And like a drug, it seemed to knock her out. 

#Kassern  is #free  today. 

Vote for him here:
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Seriously, what creature can stand against an ARCHANGEL with nearly infinite powers? Vampire? Nope. Werewolf? Uhuh. Witch? Not a chance. Head over to #CharacterBattle  and tell the world! Vote Toren, Dorn, and Kassern into the next round!

Want to meet our characters before voting? Scroll down and you will find character sketches of each 

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