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I've moved!
Well I've finally done it......I've moved this blog to the backup site. I've thought about it for a long time even ask you, my loving readers, opinions and now I have decided to act on the thought. With the new year comes a new blog address and a new blog l...

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Can someone look at these two pictures and give me your opinion if you think they are the same person?

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Happy Birthday Minnie!
My paternal grandmother, Minnie Frances Shofner, was born on this date in 1915 in Allendale, Green County, Kentucky. SOOO thanks to my public school education I know she would have been 100 years old today. I have found these wonderful pictures of her as a ...

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Mystery Monday - Eliza and possible Eliza
Ok I know I've asked you my dear readers to give opinions on family pictures the last couple of blog postings, but I really do value your thoughts and ideas. So here's another chance for you all to give me your 2 cents. I have a wonderful picture of a young...

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Veteran's Day - One mother's thoughts on having a son at war
Wishing everyone a happy Veteran's day. I found this clipping that my maternal grandmother, Gussie (DeSpain) Munday had posted in the newspaper. It is about how she (and probably the family) felt about her son, William L Munday, being in Germany and the war...

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Mystery Monday - Possible Simon spotting
I have a mystery that needs solving and I hope you all can help with it. Are these two men the same person? The two men on the right are the same person, he is my paternal great-grandfather, Simon P Tharp. The man on the left is found in a picture from a ci...

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For those who have Mammoth Cave area ancestors this site might be interesting. The website has taken property owners from before the time Mammoth Cave National Park was created and plotted the locations on a map. Pretty Cool.

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Thankful Thursday - Look what I found!! New places to look for records
I don't think we understand how thankful we should be for being able to do genealogical research in such a great time as today! Just
when you think you can’t find anything new in research, a new website
comes out or you find a new search engine that searc...

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Matrilineal Monday - How I messed up my GPS
Why am I writing about a Global Positioning System on my genealogy blog? And how did you mess it up, Deb? OK first things first - I'm not talking about the Global Positioning Systems that some people have in their vehicles. I'm talking about the Genealogica...

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Mystery Monday - Beware of those bible pages!
As genealogists, we are often overjoyed to find a bible record, because now all of our questions will be answered on a particular family. SO overjoyed we read things that aren't there or worse take the information that is there at face value. Sometimes simp...
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