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First Love(Atleast I thought it was): Part 2
It had been two days since Sam had coming running to me, And I had spent every waking hour thinking of who the girl might be. The worst part were that the classes were still happening. I had this friend Antony whose house was near mine and we would go to sc...

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Elven Fable: Akira
Here is the first chapter of a novel I am writing hope you people like it, Please do provide feedback as that is the only thing that can encourage me to write further It was a bad day for John today as he had to shut down his mobile burger joint early as it...

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The way it ended
It was the January of 2009, I had been in love for two years
now. It was long distance and the feeling of wanting to meet her increased as
every second passed. I used to call her when she was in her 11 th grade in her hostel in a harsher voice and say “Is M...

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First Love(Atleast I thought it was): Part 1
It was a cloudy day and we were practicing (in class hours… It’s
always fun bunking classes in the pretext of practice) as the annual district
sport meet was just a month away. I had just got into the ball-badminton team
from badminton after severe argument...

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FIrst Love (Atleast I thought it was) : Prologue
Prologue I don’t
understand why, However hard I try, I keep falling back into something I always
am bad at… Love. I have been trying to call almost everybody I know so that I
can talk to them… cry out to someone about how I feel but again I cannot find
one ...

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What's Happening today.....
Raksha bandhan I have no idea about the story behind the day. But what I do know is I am terribly excited, as I am getting a sister today. Oh yea! We are going to meet somewhere in the city where I live (Chennai). She is a senior to me in college( I am doin...
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